TLC is prepping because that a enormous summer! The network has officially unveiled that is summer 2021 premiere dates, promising month of sizzling summer fun v the new seasons of six fan-favorite reality TV series, including new episodes of Dr. Pimple Popper, Say Yes to the Dress, and Welcome to Plathville!

The summer season will certainly kick turn off in July v the return of Dr. Pimple Popper, v the brand-new batch of illustration finding Dr. Sandra Lee dealing with some of she most difficult cases yet. The month will proceed with the return of wedding season ~ above Say Yes come the Dress, v July likewise bringing a new batch of illustration of the #1 freshman cable series in 2020, Darcey & Stacey. TLC will save the contents sizzling into August when new seasons that My Feet are Killing Me, My big Fat Fabulous Life, and Welcome come Plathville premiere.

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You deserve to see all of the premiere summer premiere dates, and also get all-new details about the upcoming seasons, below. Fans can catch up on previous episodes of the collection on discovery+, Discovery"s recently-launched streaming company that contains original exclusive content and continues to add new programming each month.

‘Dr. Pimple Popper’ – Wednesday, July 14 ay 9 p.m. ET

Dr. Sandra Lee will kick turn off a brand-new season of her hit TLC series on July 14! Season 6 of the show, which finds Lee dealing with patients with difficult skin conditions, will watch coronavirus safety protocols quiet in location as Lee is busier than ever before with "some of her most an overwhelming cases to date."

In the new batch the episodes, Lee will see "a patient that has huge growths ~ above his nose that drip pus, lure flies and are for this reason large, the he can barely breathe—it is a record-breaking instance of rhinophyma; 2 sisters who reunite and bond over their undiagnosed secret face bumps; a mrs who has actually been dubbed a monster as result of her genetic condition known together neurofibromatosis, that reasons head to toe bumps; and also a return patient with wishes that Dr. Lee have the right to remove more of her confront growths that stem from a birthmark on her face."


‘Say Yes come the Dress’ – Saturday, July 17 at 8 p.m. ET

A brand-new wedding season is virtually here, and much more brides will certainly be finding your dream dressed once Say Yes come the dress returns to TLC ~ above July 17! In the new season the the series, "a new virtual era in the Kleinfeld experience" will be ushered in as Randy proceeds working from afar together he can"t be in the salon full time yet.

"This season, the brides arrive through a put in order energy and also fresh collection of challenges like a blind bride trying to uncover her perfect silhouette, a throuple through two brides sharing a budget, and a virtual bride having 2nd thoughts on she pandemic purchase," the synopsis reads. "But some familiar obstacles like last minute shopping, over-the-top requests, outspoken entourages and one really picky previous dance mother still test the team. And in a special episode, Randy"s previous on-set assistant offers us a emergence behind the curtain together she searches for her own wedding dress."


‘Darcey & Stacey’ – Monday, July 19 ay 8 p.m. ET

90 day Fiancé: before the 90 Days cast members Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva room headed back to TLC ~ above July 19 for Season 2 of their show Darcey & Stacey. The collection documents their family life, love and relationships in Middletown, Connecticut, and after Season 1 ended with Darcey gaining engaged and also Stacey gaining married, Season 2 is promised to it is in a whirwind batch the episodes.

"Now, Stacey is positive to give the gift that fatherhood to her younger husband, Florian, but at the period of 46, conceiving normally doesn"t come there is no its challenges. Will certainly Florian"s strict faith and also opposing see on IVF leaving the pair praying because that a miracle? Darcey is left questioning her engagement come Georgi after a distressing encounter through his ex-wife," the official synopsis reads. "Hopeful come take some time and room to think, the pair head to Turkey top top a expedition of transformations. Will Darcey find it within herself to trust again or will certainly she feel required to end the engagement and also walk away because that good?"

Along through the brand-new season, Darcey & Stacey: Pillow Talk will certainly premiere top top Friday, July 23, with brand-new episodes airing every Friday at 10:30 p.m. ET. The digital collection Darcey & Stacey: inside the Episode will likewise be obtainable on discovery+ and also TLCgo.


‘My Feet space Killing Me’ – Wednesday Aug. 4 at 10 p.m. ET

Dr. Ebonie, Dr. Brad, and Dr. Sarah will be back with brand-new episodes the My Feet are Killing Me ~ above Aug. 4! The TLC collection finds the three physicians aiding patient to have actually their feet radically transformed and also their lives changed forever, and also in the new season, the doctors will treat really rare situation when a patient visits v a problem so rarely that just eight civilization in the civilization have ever been diagnosed v it.

"In these brand-new episodes, the doctors perform transformational work on patient with whatever from literal meaning horns to bark-like growths on your feet—they"ll even see a mrs who shows up to have actually permanent stilettos on she heels, an extremely rare condition called Olmstead Syndrome," TLC teases the brand-new season. "The physicians will use their expertise and compassion to help their patients put their best foot forward to reclaim your lives."


‘My big Fat Fabulous Life’ – Tuesday, Aug.17 in ~ 9 p.m. ET

Following the end of she engagement, Whitney will certainly be placing her emphasis on the future in the new season of My big Fat Fabulous Life, set to premiere on Aug. 17! In the brand-new season, Whitney, freshly moved earlier to her hometown that Greensboro, phibìc Carolina, will certainly be getting in more family time and finding her online fitness company with friend Jessica thriving. After suffering heartbreak, new love may even be on the horizon as she sparks an virtual flirtation through a man who stays in Paris, "but long distance, specifically cross-continental, is never easy, so the two of them space working to number out specifically what castle have."

"Whitney is also pursuing she goal the receiving her an individual training certification, yet she soon finds that anti-fat prejudices make it hard to build a client base. An additional dream the Whitney"s—motherhood—remains intact, but her trip is filled through challenges," the synopsis reads. "As the season progresses, Whitney and also her corridor are totally vaccinated and the world is opening earlier up, meaning the possibilities room seemingly endless; celebratory trips ensue, yet one huge question remains: will Whitney obtain the opportunity to accomplish her Frenchman in person?"


‘Welcome come Plathville’ – Tuesday, Aug. 24 in ~ 10 p.m. ET.

The Plath family is headed back to TLC with new episodes on Aug. 24. The struggle TLC series originally debuted in loss 2019 and follows the Plath household – parents Kim and Berry and theur kids Ethan, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy – who live in a rural area of south Georgia. After ~ Season 2 uncovered the household splintering into three different households, the new season will certainly pick up together they shot to navigate, and possibly mend, relationships.

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"This season, the older youngsters are tho on their very own journey come self-discovery but while part Plaths want to do amends through their parents and continue to check out their siblings, that"s not the situation for everyone," the synopsis reads. "Tensions proceed to rise, marital relationships are tested and new love is blossoming in this all new season."

In addition to the brand-new season, TLC will likewise air the digital series Plathville: Steamy Nights in Cairo. The collection will follow the couples and singles the Welcome to Plathville together they comment on their favorite love music, keepsakes, and also even just how they prep because that a date. The premieres ~ above discovery+ and also TLCgo.

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TLC Announces Season Premiere dates for "Say Yes come the Dress," "Welcome to Plathville" and much more

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