Update, January 16, 2021: another Saturday is top top us, yet there will be no newSaturday Night Liveepisode come go in addition to it. Just asColin Jostpredicted,SNLwill no be earlier until a brand-new president is in office. This Saturday is chairman Trump's last together Commander-in-Chief and also soon, President-electJoe Bidenwill shortly be sworn in alongside Vice President-electKamala Harris. As soon as that most significant and much-needed occasion happens,SNLwill be earlier once again, totally free from the scourge of a twice-impeached president.

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We deserve to expectSNLcast memberAlex Moffatto return as Biden andMaya Rudolphto show up as Harris in, in ~ minimum, the episode's cold open. We should likewise expect check in the coming week that the celebrity confirmed to organize the new episode which we're currently expecting to arrive on January 23. Additionally, us should obtain confirmation in the next week around the musical guest collection to perform.

Update, January 9, 2021:The first week of 2021 was unlike anything any type of of us might have expected. Unfortunately,Saturday Night Live will not be back tonight to talk about those occasions or possiblydistract united state from them with some comedy. As of January 9, the looks favor our theory that Season46 will return ~ President-electBidenis official sworn in will certainly actually come true. If so, that method you deserve to keep her calendars marked forSNL's return top top January 23.

We still have no idea that will organize the an initial 2021 episode, nor perform we understand who will serve as the music guest. V the major political occasions of the first week the January setup the tone for the month, it's very likelySNLwill uncover some method to comment. We can see sketches around President Trump's expulsion native Twitter, Biden's inauguration, and maybe also one including Bean Dad. Or, depending upon how things go between now and January 23, we can see miscellaneous different. In ~ this point, every bets are off and everything seems choose fair game for coverage.

Update, January 2, 2021: there is tho no main word top top whenSaturday Night LiveSeason 46 will return in 2021 followingits vacation break. Additionally, no announcements have been made about which celebrity guest will hold the very first episode the the new year. For now, we'll have to keep rewatching oldSNLepisodes top top Hulu or Peacock and also plan forSNLto return at some time in late January.

Update, December 26, 2020:This is her friendly reminder thatSaturday Night Liveis top top a break until 2021! The final episode of 2020 was hosted by Wonder mrs 1984star andSNLalumKristen Wiig v musical guestDua Lipa. No official 2021 return day has to be announced however fans need to expect the show to come back in January.

The last episode ofSaturday Night Livefor 2020aired on Saturday, December 19. This begs the question: as soon as isSNLcoming earlier in 2021? Season 46 of the struggle NBC present has currently taken one rest so far. The break lasted because that one month, withSNLstopping manufacturing after the November 7 display hosted byDave Chappelleand returning on December 5 v a display hosted byJason Bateman. The most recent episode — the December 19 Christmas display — was hosted byKristen Wiig and revealed current actors memberAlex Moffatas the brand-new Joe Biden.

It seems likeSNL's return in the brand-new year was teased during the "Weekend Update" segment hosted byColin JostandMichael Che. The segment opened with Jost taking the reins to bid adieu to soon-to-be-former PresidentDonald Trump. Jost's trump farewell opened with the complying with comment:"Well, guys, impede a turning back Christmas miracle, this is the critical 'Weekend Update' v Donald Trump tho in office."

The comment elicited huge cheers indigenous the audience. Those cheers turned right into a combined reaction indigenous that same audience once Jost rolled out a slideshow of Trump's many memorable moment in office.It was a combined bag of treats together Trump's expense, through some slides getting laughs, prefer the photo of Trump appearing to shout at a boy mowing the White residence lawn. Other slides elicited shock, choose theclipshowing trump tossing record towels into a crowd prefer he's shooting a basketball.

snl-weekend-update-december-19-colin-jost-donald-trump picture via NBC
Jost's comment appears to indicate SNL will it is in going on another month-long break. If this is true, thenSNLSeason 46 will go back to NBC on Saturday, January 23, 2021. This is the very first Saturday ~ Inauguration day on Wednesday, January 20 — the dayBiden goes native President-elect to the main President the the united States.There is tho no main confirmation indigenous NBC on whenSNLSeason 46 will certainly be earlier in 2021, no one is there any kind of official indigenous on that will it is in hosting the an initial episode the 2021.

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Saturday Night LiveSeason 46 (so far) is currently easily accessible to currently on Hulu and Peacock. Clock the, er, unique look ago at Donald Trump's presidency together presented by "Weekend Update" below. For more, discover out what's coming to Hulu transparent December.

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