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Bryan Chatfield Sanders to be born and also raised in Mission Woods in Johnson County, Kansas, and also graduated from Shawnee Mission east High college in 2002, according to the Kansas City Star. Sanders climate attended Colby university in Maine, graduating in 2006 v a degree in project media.

Sanders met sarah Huckabee as soon as they worked together on she father, Mike Huckabee’s, 2008 presidential campaign. Buy it Huckabee hired she future husband after then-Kansas senator Sam Brownback urgently his very own presidential campaign, which Bryan Sanders had actually been working for, according to The Hill. He was hired along with one the his colleagues. “They were both sort of cute, ‘Well, we might have the ability to work other out’ — kidding a little bit there,” she joked with The Hill in 2010.

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So proud of my amazing wife
SarahHuckabee who starts her brand-new job as major Deputy White home Press Secretary now

— Bryan Sanders (
sanders_bryan) January 20, 2017

In February 2019, she talked about her an initial date with Bryan:

After the campaign ended, Huckabee and also Sanders ongoing dating and also they were engaged in august 2009 ~ above his family’s ranch in Kansas. They were married in St. John in the Virgin islands on might 25, 2010. Sarah tweeted on she wedding day: “Big job today! Going come the chapel and also going to gain married.”

Bryan Sanders sustained his wife’s decision to sign up with the Trump project after she father’s very own presidential bid finished in 2016. He claimed she choose Trump since she was looking for the best chance to beat Hillary Clinton. “Sarah is native Arkansas, you need to remember,” Bryan Sanders called Politico. “And she’s grown up her entirety life with the Clintons. That was the steering force. That we need to do whatever in our power to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

Bryan Sanders said she experienced similarities in between what Mike Huckabee and Trump to be saying throughout their campaigns. “Her dad and also Trump to be saying a most the exact same things. They were talking around how Washington demands a huge change. They were both running an extremely anti-establishment campaigns,” Bryan Sanders told Politico. However Bryan stated there were differences, particularly Trumps character flaws, yet like numerous Trump supporters, she had the ability to look past that since she liked what he to be saying around abortion, religious liberty and the judges he want to appoint, especially to the supreme Court.

Bryan Sanders told Politico belief is “the defining aspect of her life,” about his wife.

2. The pair Has two Sons & a Daughter


Bryan and also Sarah Huckabee Sanders have three kids together, two sons and also a daughter. Their first child, Scarlett, to be born on might 10, 2012. Their son, wilhelm Huckabee Sanders, referred to as “Huck,” to be born October 16, 2013. Their youngest child, George, to be born June 8, 2015. Sarah has regularly talked about her children and also posts picture of castle on society media.

Happy birthday
GovMikeHuckabee the ideal dad and papa we can ever questioning for! us love you!

— sarah Sanders (
SarahHuckabee) august 25, 2015

Sarah Sanders speak at the White House during a push briefing in July 2017 about being the first working mom to hold the position of press secretary. “That claims less around me 보다 it does around this president. Empowering functioning moms is the love of the president’s agenda, an especially when it involves things favor tax reform. Scarlett and also every small girl in America should prosper up in a nation that — if we provide on the president’s agenda far better jobs, far better healthcare, and also a far better tax device — incentivizes ladies to work and raise children. Together a working mom, it’s not lost on me what a great honor and also privilege the is come stand right here at the podium.”

PressSec sarah Sanders says raising young youngsters "perfectly ready me to deal with the White residence press corps."

— The check out (
TheView) September 6, 2017

She has also joked with reporters the the chaos in her house with three young youngsters prepared her for the White House and dealing through the push corps. She wakes up at 5 a.m. Everyday to spend time with her husband and also children, according to the new York Times. She said the newspaper talking about her household comes naturally, saying, “That’s just kind of who I am.”

3. Bryan Sanders, Who has actually Been dubbed a ‘Rising Star’ in Politics, Has worked on campaigns for Ted Yoho, Sam Brownback & Robert Bentley, together with Mike Huckabee


Bryan Sanders got his start in politics as a push assistant to then-Kansas councilor Sam Brownback, who is currently the branch of Kansas. Sanders worked as a staffer in Brownback’s office in his house state the Kansas and was also an aide in Washington D.C. As soon as Brownback made decision to run for chairman in 200, that joined that campaign. That made the move to Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign after Brownback reduce out.

Sanders then began working because that The Wickers Group, a political media firm, in late 2009 and continued to have a an essential role in Republican campaigns. He regulated the primary and also general election projects for previous Alabama governor Robert Bentley in 2010. In 2012, he to be the media consultant for Florida Congressman Ted Yoho. One of the ads Sanders created for Yoho, titled “Pigs,” received much acclaim native reviewers — and also voters.

The Washington short article named it among the ideal political ads that the 2012 election cycle and also Yoho won the seat in Congress. Sanders was additionally named a “Rising Star” by campaigns & Elections newspaper in 2012, i beg your pardon is “one that the many prestigious honors in politics,” and “the award goes to a choose group the operatives period 35 and under who have an created track record of success in politics consulting or advocacy and also the promise to achieve greatness.” The magazine called him a “specialist in polling, focus group research, and media production and placement.”

Sanders has actually also detailed consulting occupational to Texas Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick, Arkansas Congressman French Hill, then-Oklahoma Attorney basic Scott Pruitt, previous Arizona Congressman Trent Franks and also Mississippi State Treasurer Lynn Fitch.

4. He founded a Consulting Firm v His mam in 2016


In 2016, Bryan Sanders founded a consulting firm, 2nd Street Strategies, with his wife, based in tiny Rock, Arkansas, whereby they were living in ~ the time. The firm aimed to administer “general consulting services, including strategy, research, polling, blog post development, and advertising production and placement for candidates, independent expenditure committees, businesses, and also non-profits.”

The firm appears to be on host while sarah Huckabee Sanders works in the White House. It is not clear if sarah Sanders and also her husband will be restarting the consulting firm when she leaves the trumped administration. It is likewise not known if either of lock will have actually a role in Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign.

5. Sanders works for IMGE Insights top Its study Division


Sanders took on a brand-new job leading the newly created research and insights division of IMGE, a center-right digital public affairs for sure based in Washington, D.C., according to a press release indigenous the company. Sanders was carried on board in July 2017 after ~ IMGE break-up away native Media team of America Holdings, which runs the elevation Journal review news site.

“Sanders will lead a brand-new team within IMGE, IMGE Insights, that will offer polling and also messaging because that political and corporate clients. IMGE Insights will employ a different method to polling, casting a more comprehensive net via online, mobile, and also landline interviews come deliver much more accurate results and effective message at a lower cost. Sanders has differentiated himself as a strategist for few of the most unexpected Republican victories in the country over the last decade,” the press release stated.

“Bryan Sanders bring tremendous endure as a top pollster and general consultant to many winning causes, and he will pioneer a new approach come survey research in an area the is ripe for disruption. We are currently off come a fast start with number of fascinating new projects, and also I’m excited to welcome that formally come the team,” CEO Phil Musser said.

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It is not clear if Sanders will proceed in that duty when he and also his family move back to Arkansas.

“Bryan is a pollster and also strategist because that Fortune 500 companies, profession associations, and Republican campaigns and also outside groups. He’s done polling, message development, and media for numerous of America’s top leaders in business and also politics, consisting of some the the most surprising upset victories in the country over the critical decade,” the IMGE website says. “Bryan has operated for Republican Governors, Senators, and Congressmen, and on the presidential campaigns of branch Mike Huckabee and also Governor Mitt Romney. That was named a “Rising Star in American Politics” by Campaigns and Elections magazine, and his work has been featured in Axios, Politico, the Washington Post, and Fox News. Bryan lives in Arlington, Virginia with his mam Sarah and their 3 children.”