Sarah Jessica Parker and also Matthew Broderick have remained in a partnership for 30 years. Castle met back in 1991 and also have been inseparable ever before since. Yet interestingly enough, the year she met Broderick was the very same year she separation from she longtime boyfriend, Robert Downey Jr. Keep reading to uncover out more about the Sex and also the City star’s relationships.

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Sarah Jessica Parker and also Matthew Broderick | Dan Gorder/FilmMagic

When did buy it Jessica Parker and also Robert Downey Jr. Date?

Parker and Downey were together for seven years. Their relationship started in 1984, after meeting on the collection of the film First Born. And although they were just in your teens and also early 20s if they were together, they spent many of those year living under the same roof.

According to both actors, they had planned on obtaining married (via civilization Magazine.)

But sadly, the Iron Man star struggled v addiction concerns to drugs and alcohol that ended up being too overwhelming because that Parker.

“Eventually, i guess I simply summoned the vessel to leave him,” Parker revealed in the WTF podcast through Marc Maron. “The greatest hardest choices around those type of relationships are feeling brave sufficient to leave, even if girlfriend think they’re going come die. Because you stay, not due to the fact that you’re in love anymore- friend love this person, and you’re fear they’re walking to die if friend aren’t there to shore up their base every single solitary day… so I simply didn’t desire him come die.”

Sarah Jessica Parker fell in love with Matthew Broderick soon after her break-up with Robert Downey Jr.

Matthew Broderick and also Sarah Jessica Parker will go back to Broadway with each other in Neil Simon's Plaza Suite:

— Playbill (
playbill) September 10, 2019

Following Parker’s catastrophic breakup v Downey, she met the Ferris Bueller’s day off Star.And rather of Broderick gift a rebound because that the Sex and the City actor, he ended up ending up being the love of she life.

And although it has actually been 30 years since they very first met, Broderick very plainly recalls that certain moment in time.

“I do remember very first meeting her,” Broderick said, according to Oprah Daily. “I tho remember very plainly seeing she walk down the street toward the movie theater… It’s really unique because I wouldn’t mental most civilization the an initial time I saw them come down the street. ns remember it as clear together day.”

And as for Parker? follow to the actor, she’s still an extremely much in love with her husband to this day.

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“I love Matthew Broderick. Contact me crazy, however I love him,” she called Harper’s Bazaar (via Insider.) “We deserve to only it is in in the marriage we are. We’re very dedicated to ours family and also our lives. Ns love ours life. Ns love the he’s the dad of my children, and it’s since of him the there’s this whole other civilization that ns love.”

How many youngsters does the couple share?

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker invest the Night together

— hypervocal (
hypervocal) in march 3, 2020

Together, Broderick and also Parker share three beautiful children. Their names room Tabitha, Marion, and also James. And according come the actor, the ideal moment of her life was once she had her children.

“If I can revisit one minute in my life, it would be the birth of my children, definitely,” Parker revealed to The edit Magazine back in 2016. “It’s simply you and, in my case, my husband and also this child, and it’s absolute euphoria.”