ABC has said “good day” to GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke. The speak show, held by Michael Strahan, Sara Haines and Keke Palmer, will certainly not return to the network’s daytime schedule.

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Palmer evidenced the news in an appearance on Sunday’s Watch What happens Live, admitting to organize Andy Cohen the she found the cancellation “expected,” provided the urgency the the pandemic.

“I knew if our display did come back, the would need to be much, much, lot later, due to the fact that our display is really about an audience,” Palmer added. “That’s what us do. We carry out a little bit that news, yet it’s entertain news. It’s fun conversations and also lightheartedness, and we’re in a various time now. Few of the conversation has changed, and also that thrust SSK out. So I supposed it.”

A GMA rep go not immediately respond come’s latest request for comment.

Strahan, Sara & Keke aired that is last new episode in March, before being replaced by Pandemic: What You have to Know, a daily update on advancements related come the coronavirus. Follow to page Six, it experiment so well that alphabet rebranded the hour together GMA3: What You should Know, including other news elements into the mix.


An extension of Good Morning America, GMA3originally premiered as GMA Day in September 2018, climate transitioned come Strahan & Sara in January 2019. Palmer to fill in together a co-host during Haines’ pregnancy, eventually joining the present full-time in august 2019.

Prior to GMA3, former NFL star Strahan co-hosted Live! through Kelly and Michael (2012–2016) before sliding over to the Good Morning America desk (2016–2018). He additionally hosts ABC’s $100,000 Pyramid reboot, which has been renewed for a 5th season. Haines previously functioned as a correspondent for Today (2009–2013), a weekend anchor because that GMA (2013–2016) and also a co-host that The View (2016–2018). And Palmer, in enhancement to her countless acting credits, also boasts quite a little of hosting experience; not only was she a frequent guest co-host ~ above The View before joining GMA3, however she’s additionally the co-host of Quibi’s Singled Out reboot, which was freshly renewed for a second season.

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Did you reap your time with Strahan, Sara & Keke while the lasted? Drop a comment v your thoughts on ABC’s decision below.