Prioritizing the health and well-being the the public, ours partners, and Port employee and their families, the harbor of mountain Diego is doing our part to minimize the spread out of and exposure to Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) while proceeding to support our partners and also provide public services. View below and check earlier here for updates and impacts concerned the Port"s maritime operations, windy services, publicly safety, and more.

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The port of san Diego management Building in ~ 3165 Pacific Highway in mountain Diego is open up to the public and also tenants during service hours indigenous 8 a.m. To 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and every various other Friday (administrative offices occupational on an alternative workweek schedule and also are closed every other Friday every our alternative Closed Fridays schedule).

Whenever possible, the public and tenants are encouraged to use the Port’s online company Portal for services, including public records, parks/event permits, reporting trash, graffiti, stormwater pollution and more. Those without computer system and/or internet accessibility may inquiry to use a computer system that will be available in the lobby of the administration Building.

The Port proceeds to do our part to minimize the spread out of and also exposure come COVID-19. In ~ this time and also until further notice, all persons, regardless of inoculation status, are required to stay a face covering in all harbor facilities. Additionally, the harbor has applied other security measures, including however not limited to: 

Daily disinfection organization for high touch areas in enhancement to regular cleaning and janitorial servicePlexiglas mounted in windy areasVentilation mechanism filter enhancement

At this time, plank of harbor Commissioners meetings are being conducted virtually. Meeting schedules and agendas are accessible here. Details on how to see meetings and also submit publicly comment are available by clicking on the meeting’s agenda.


The port of mountain Diego is in constant communication and also is collaborating v cargo and also cruise lines, ship agents, California Office that Emergency Services, San Diego County health & human Services, the Centers for an illness Control (CDC), U.S. Coastline Guard Office the Emergency Management, U.S. Customs and also Border security (CBP), California combination of port Authorities (CAPA), and the Cruise Line market Association (CILA).

The shore Guard and CBP, with guidance from the CDC, room responsible for tracking cruise ship and cargo courage arrival. They have actually decision-making authority regarding vessel clearance, quarantine and also other requirements.

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Sailings the end of the port of mountain Diego resumed on October 1. With health and safety as our height priority, we room working v the cruise lines, together with various other local, state, and also federal agencies to put extra precautions in location to minimize neighborhood spread of and also exposure come COVID-19.



COVID-19 health & safety and security Resources

For updates and also information about the existing numbers that COVID-19 cases, the spread of the virus, severity, treatments, precautions, and other vital public health and wellness information in many languages, you re welcome visit: