There’s an old show service adage about performers no working with children however that’s no the situation with soap opera fan favorite Cameron Mathison. His General Hospital character drew Cain is reconnecting through daughter reconnaissance (Ella Ramacieri) in the December 17 episode. Mathison claims Scot is the reason his character made it back from 2 years the captivity.

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“Scout’s a really, really, really important person in Drew’s life,” Mathison speak TV Insider. “She is the reason — i have — that attracted fought so hard to obtain out of bondage from Peter and also Victor .

“When you get a second chance in ~ life, I recognize it sounds corny, yet my going through my cancer journey a couple of year ago, girlfriend feel like you’ve gotten that 2nd chance, and also now attracted has that,” the actor continues.

Mathison claims that Drew’s quiet carrying approximately a strong case the guilt end the truth that he made it through the melee ~ above Cassadine Island, however his twin Jason (Steve Burton) did not. Yet Monica (Leslie Charleson) wasn’t putting up with any kind of of that and recently told attracted not to feeling guilty as both he and Jason were she sons.

“That to be a pretty huge day for me to go into the Quartermaine house and also work with Leslie and also Wally and the totality gang,” Mathison says. “I’m an extremely happy to have this character. We had actually a nice collection of days. Leslie and I would sit and also talk in between takes to get a bit of a lull level with each other. Ns feel choose it worked. She’s so wonderful and also she bring you in for this reason easily. We had an immediate connection.”

Having invested years together Ryan Lavery ~ above All mine Children and bumping right into GH stars at abc Daytime events and the Daytime Emmys, Mathison already knew lot of the show’s cast. “I’ve recognized Laura because she was on Guiding Light ,” the gibbs recalls. “Also, Kelly , Maurice … Now, I’m acquiring to occupational with them. There are some iconic personalities here. This is a display I’ve respect for countless years for countless different reasons. Working v them has actually been very exciting for me.”

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For year Mathison was new York-based, so his authorized GH has actually introduced him to some new actors. “I’d never ever met Donnell before, and also I’ve really took pleasure in working v him,” Mathison says. “Same v Josh Swickard and Amanda Setton .”

Mathison states he’s likewise learned a couple of lessons over the years around sharing screentime through younger actors, specifically after coming to be a dad himself. “I think i made mistakes once I was younger,” that recalls. “The necessary thing is to gain come be calm so they can be spontaneous. Then, they can worry around their lines. You want them to have energy and also be invested. Back in the day, I’d ramp the kids up and get them jacked! That’s never ever a great idea. It’s actually a negative idea.

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“You might get some great energy however they’re an ext likely to forget your lines,” Mathison adds. “It’s a fine line. You desire to acquire to recognize them and also to have actually fun but at the exact same time make sure they’re able come listen and also to react.”


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Time will certainly tell what duty Scout plays in a feasible reunion between her parents, Drew and also Sam (Kelly Monaco). Throughout the years that attracted was away and also presumed dead, Sam has moved on v her life – and also into a connection with Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna).

“Of course, got some massively mixed emotions – he is glad come be earlier with Scout and also have this nice connection with Sam yet it’s a little awkward through Dante around,” Mathison says. “It’s brand-new to him yet they’re functioning it out.”