With plenty of hits — consisting of "Sailing" — stick Stewart has navigated the stormy waters of rock music for over fifty percent a century. The best-selling UK absent star is quiet making headlines together he turns 75.

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Over the food ofhis 50-year career, stick Stewart hasembodied and also contributed come creating much more than a couple of rock"n"roll clichés: "Just drinkin" and shaggin" ... And also smashing increase hotel rooms" is for circumstances the way the singer recalls the beforehand years that his job in the show Carpool Karaoke.

Apparently old age hasn"t mellowed the a bit either: the is stated to have actually punched a security guard at a new Year"s eve party in Florida and now has to go to court on battery charges.

The good he could have come payif convicted is but unlikely come dampen soul at his 75th date of birth party top top January 10; sir Roderick David Stewart"s heritage are estimated at €223 million ($249 million) by the brother press.


Prince william knighting the absent star in 2016, making the "Sir Roderick David Stewart"

A absent careeras an afterthought

Born top top January 10, 1945 in Highgate, phibìc of London, rod Stewart grew up in a household crazy for football. He as such tried the end for a football job at first. At age 15, he tried out for the London club Brentford FC, but there was no follow-up contract.

As a career together a skilled football player wasn"t around to materialize, he "fell right into music" —first together a lead singer with the Jeff Beck Group, then from 1969 onwards v the Faces, next by side v guitarist Ron Wood, that went ~ above to sign up with the roll Stones a couple of years later.

In retrospect, Stewart says he"s okay with the method things turned out. Not only does his financial institution account provethat that made the ideal choice,but life together a absent star is easier. And,as he wrote in his 2012 autobiography,unlike soccer players, musicians are allowed to drink while at work.


Rod Stewart (sitting, left) through his band the Faces

"Rod the Mod"

In 1970, Stewart exit his first solo album, An Old Raincoat Won"t ever Let friend Down. Ayearlater, "Maggie May" native his 3rd album,Every photo Tells a Story, landing him a number one hit in the British and also US charts.

That to be Stewart"s breakthrough as a solo musician — and as a brand. Soon, civilization affectionately dubbed him "Rod the Mod," a pioneer that fashion subculture who carried a really special type of elegance to the british music scene the is tho visible now in Brit pop.

With success come a busy te for rod Stewart. He favored to be seen driving rapid luxury cars, with supermodels and playboy bunnies. Regardless of the rock star image, Stewart additionally remained a relatableartist.


In concert through The deals with in 1972

Top that the charts in ~ 75

The 1970s and also 80s may have actually been stick Stewart"s most successful decades, yet that wasn"t the finish of it. In 1994 he gave the greatest open-air concert in music history at the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, wherein he carry out for some 3.5 million people.

To this day, pole Stewarthas sold about 200 million records, and also there is no end in sight.

In November 2019, Stewart taped his best hits with the imperial Philharmonic Orchestra. The album You"re In mine Heart consists of "Sailing" and "I Don"t want To Talk about It," as well as new versions the "The very first Cut Is The Deepest," "Waltzing Matilda (Tom Traubert"s Blues)," "Downtown Train" and also "Maggie May." with the album, he ended up being the earliest male artist of every time come reachthe peak of the UK album charts; it remained there for five weeks.


Rod Stewart in ~ a football game in Scotland in 2019

In the loss of 2019, Stewart announced he had actually had prostate cancer but was cured, saying he to be making it public to encourage the relatively simple screening tests. It was the 2nd time that beat cancerafter a thyroid cancer diagnosis in 2000.

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The dad of eight kids is currently on tourism again, beginning in the united state in February,and continuing on to Australia afterwards.

The tourism is by no means a bye tour. The loves his job-related too much, the septuagenarian called Rolling Stonein 2018:"What a task I have," that said. "I get paid for getting on a stage and also singing, sending everybody residence happy. It"s not like being a footballer or a sportsman. You can send human being home unhappy if you lose, yet I"m in a win-win situation."

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