sister Wives: Why fans Think Robyn Is Pregnant v Kody's 19th child Kody and also Robyn Brown have actually an massive family on Sister Wives. Here"s why fans are beginning to think Robyn is pregnant through Kody"s 19th child.

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Robyn Brown sisters Wives
When Kody Brown is not the star of Sister Wives, he"s busy fathering 18 children, but fans think Robyn Brown is about to broaden that group to 19. Return the Brown family is currently filled to the brim with children and also grandchildren, Kody"s bad family planning skills justify rumors that a 19th boy is ~ above its way. From conversations Kody has had with his fourth wife on Sister Wives come rumors on social media, here"s every little thing to know around the theory that Robyn is pregnant with the 19th Brown child.

Kody and also his 4 wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and also Robyn, lead one intimidatingly big clan. From 27-year-old Logan Brown come 3-month-old grandchild Avalon Padron, Kody"s 18 kids and also 3 grandkids make up one of reality television"s most abundant families. Back Kody had actually at least one boy just around every year from 1994 come 2004, he has actually slowed down his reproductive momentum for the past couple of decades. Because the mid-2000s, Kody only had three children, Truely in 2010, Solomon in 2011, and also Ariella in 2016. Kody had his two youngest youngsters with Robyn who, at 42, is his youngest wife. Additionally, Robyn is Kody"s favourite wife, so if he to be to add a 19th member come his gargantuan family, it would be through Robyn.

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Throughout current episodes of Sister Wives, Kody and also Robyn have actually gone back and forth about whether or no they want to have an additional child together. Fans believe Kody doesn"t make sufficient money to assistance his large family together is, and the enhancement of an additional mouth come feed has surely motivated Robyn and also her husband come hesitate prior to going for happy number 19. Top top the various other hand, if Kody and Robyn want to have one more child, they room under some press from mom Nature. In ~ 42 year old, Robyn is capable of having another kid, yet the much longer she waits the more facility her pregnancy becomes. Due to these contradicting factors, the pair had never ever been maybe to reach a verdict. Recently, fans theorized that Kody and Robyn decided to broaden upon the 18 Sister Wives children.

Robyn Brown Kody Brown sisters Wives
Sister Wives audiences freshly ran v the theory that Robyn is pregnant v Kody"s 19th kid as result of a article made by reality TV blog Without A crystal Ball. The blogger shared a write-up from an unverified on facebook account that cases they are particular that Robyn is right now pregnant. The writer of the facebook post, Amber, composed that they have actually a friend that works in Flagstaff, Arizona, the house of the Brown family. Amber went on to allege that Kody and also Robyn came into the shop she friend functioned in and also it was clear Robyn was v child. Amber"s friend figured out Robyn as pregnant due to the fact that she had "gotten a tiny bigger" and Kody was pointing out their "baby to be." Without A Crystal ball cautioned your followers to take this news "with a serial of salt" together it could be fictitious.

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While rumors the Kody and Robyn expecting another child room tempting to believe, lock remain mostly baseless. However, because of the reality TV pair"s desire for another kid and Robyn"s lack of wiggle room, the is possible that fans deserve to expect an announcement sometime soon. Whether Kody and his legal wife Robyn Brown decision to include a 19th child to the Sister Wives household or not, the Browns will continue to be TV"s largest family.