If you look in ~ the career statistics or even the season stats that Robert Horry, you would certainly not think the he belonging on this list at all. However, the man well-known as “Big shot Rob” won 7 NBA Championships through three different teams, and also was known for always performing in the clutch. It was no a misnomer, together constantly when the need was at its greatest, Horry was at his best. Those 7 championships were no accident and also though his stats do not reflect it, this was a player, everybody want to have on your team.
Definitely, placed him in!Maybe, however others worthy it first.Probably not, yet it wouldn't be the end of the world.No opinion.No way!

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Country of Origin: Andalusia, Alabama, U.S.A.Eligible Since: Wednesday, 01 January 2014Position: strength Forward, small ForwardPlayed For: Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, mountain Antonio SpursCollege: AlabamaDrafted: first Round, 11th as whole in 1992Major Accolades and also Awards: NBA Championships (7) (Houston Rockets 1994 & 1995) (Los Angeles Lakers 2001, 2002 & 2003) (San Antonio spur 2005 & 2007)Other point out of Note: peak Ten Finishes: box Plus/Minus (1) (1997-98)
Definitely, placed him in!Maybe, however others deserve it first.Probably not, however it wouldn't it is in the finish of the world.No opinion.No way!
Horry"s clutch play renders him worthy in mine opinion. Everyone claims Duncan, Kobe, Shaq, Olajuwon won him those titles. It"s a team game and also based ~ above his clutch shots, it"s arguable the he in reality won them some of those titles. He to be a crucial player for Houston. After the he was a heavy producer turn off the bench however his real contribution remained in the last secs of the game. The fact of the matter is the without him, NBA background might be completely different. His clutch 3 over Sacramento was large - correct the refs did placed him in a place to struggle that yet he still had to execute. His 3 for the Spurs hidden the Pistons in 2005. Those are just a couple off the top of my head - once you search it, he has actually numerous substantial shots in the playoffs. Ns think that deserves the for an altering history the way he did.

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TheBayAreaGu y and Cris David are clueless fan boys. Big Shot Bob, as he was actually known, was truly a vital factor only in Houston. In L.A. It was Shaq & Kobe. In S.A. It to be the large three of Duncan, Parker and also Ginobli. If those last 5 guys mentioned didn"t put in the height quality occupational to put them in the place to win, climate Horry"s 3s wouldn"t have mattered. Girlfriend don"t make the HOF based upon a take care of of shots, Cris. Damn. It"s around the whole body the work. He was never a leading player. Ever. Not even close.
Robert Horry deserves to it is in in the HOF due to the fact that he is one x-factor, an affect player and a distinction maker. He might not be a starter or he may not have the stats or awards to ago him up, yet he has that really important capacity to do shots at the most difficult or pressured times the he deserve to win a ballgame (even the large games) singlehanded ly for your team.
Horry is conveniently the hardest guy to rank. "Big shot Rob" is love by bill Simmons (which means a lot), yet putting a bench guy in the Hall seems so strange come many. He can be the Charles Haley of the NBA Hall.

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He must be in the top 10....he won 7 titles, SEVEN. And also he was a vital player top top every single title.

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