Tampa bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski claimed Tuesday that his return native NFL retirement will certainly last at least one an ext season. 

In one interview v TMZ Sports, Gronk made it clear the he will certainly be back in 2021:

"I'm back, man," Gronkowski said. ... "I will certainly be back playing football, man. I love the video game of football. I loved play last year. I had actually a an excellent time."

The tight end included he is already back in maintain to obtain ready for the new season: "Let me call you, i was a little bit sore very first day of training, yet it bounced earlier like that. I'm emotion good."

Gronkowski's go back to football was a effective one in 2020, together he played a huge role in the Bucs beating the Kansas City Chiefs in Super key LV.

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Gronk is collection to become a complimentary agent this offseason, however it is difficult to envision him leaving Tampa and also playing through a quarterback other than his close girlfriend Tom Brady.

The 31-year-old Gronkowski invested the very first nine periods of his job alongside Brady as a member that the new England Patriots. During that time, Gronk created himself as one of the finest tight end in NFL background with 521 receptions for 7,861 yards and also 79 touchdowns, plus five Pro Bowls, four very first Team All-Pro selections and three Super key wins.


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Gronkowski retired in ~ the conclusion the 2019 after ~ suffering many injuries in vault years, however after heal up and also watching Brady authorize with the Bucs, Gronk to be reinvigorated and also traded come Tampa.

While Gronkowski obtained off come something that a slow start in 2020, he became a key part of the offense and also finished through 45 catches for 623 yards and also seven touchdowns in 16 regular-season starts.

He took a ago seat to broad receivers Mike Evans, chris Godwin and also Antonio Brown at times, but Gronkowski still regulated to placed up heavy numbers and also was a big-time contributor as a blocker once he wasn't capturing the football.

Gronkowski has actually long had a penchant for transforming up his game throughout the playoffs, and he go that once again this previous postseason. He to be especially leading in the super Bowl, capturing six passes because that 67 yards and two touchdowns together the Buccaneers won their very first Super Bowl due to the fact that 2002.

Assuming Gronkowski re-signs with the Bucs for 2021, they may have actually some decision to do at the tight finish position, specifically if they want room to sign free agents at various other positions.

Cameron Brate acted as the No. 2 tight finish behind Gronk transparent the 2020 season and also performed well through 28 receptions because that 282 yards and two touchdowns throughout the regular season, to add an impressive 14 records for 175 yards and one touchdown during the playoffs.

O.J. Howard is the other tight finish of meaning on Tampa's roster, however he missed 12 gamings last season, plus the whole playoff run v an Achilles injury.

The 2017 first-round choose looked pretty good in 4 games through Brady, together he recorded 11 captures for 146 yards and also two touchdowns, yet his season ended prior to it ever before really got started.

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While Brate is signed through 2023, Howard can become a cost-free agent following offseason, so perhaps the Bucs will move Howard in a profession to for sure they have the funds essential to maintain Gronkowski, and some the their various other key complimentary agents.