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Report: where Gronk"s injury standing stands beginning Pats-Bucs originally appeared on NBC sporting activities Boston

Rob Gronkowski exited the Tampa bay Buccaneers" week 3 video game with a painful rib injury and also has however to practice this week.

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But us wouldn"t recommend betting versus Gronk play inSunday night"s reunion game versus the new England Patriots in ~ Gillette Stadium.

Gronkowski"s rib injury is "not taken into consideration a major one" and the tight finish is "likely going to play" Sunday versus the Patriots, NFL Media"s Ian Rapoport report Friday.



GMFB: #Bucs TE plunder Gronkowski hasn’t practiced with a rib injury… however do friend think he’s absent THIS game? Plus, Antonio Brown (COVID) is back.

— Ian Rapoport (

"There is no means that rob Gronkowski is lacking this game," Rapoport said, adding that Gronkowski likely will shot to exercise in some capacity Friday and also be provided as questionable for Sunday"s game.

However, Gronkowski did display up as "doubtful" on Friday"s injury report. That missed multiple techniques this week.

Sunday will note the an initial trip ago to Foxboro because that Gronkowski and also quarterback Tom Brady since both players left new England.

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While Brady"s last game at Gillette stadium was the Patriots" 2019 AFC Wild map loss come the Tennessee Titans, Gronk hasn"t play in Foxboro due to the fact that the 2018 postseason. The 32-year-old tight finish retired the following offseason, just to be coaxed come Tampa bay by Brady in 2020.

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Gronkowski had actually his own rocky departure from new England and also put the Patriots in a tough spot by delaying his retirement announcement till after 2019 free agency began, top them to miss out ~ above high-profile cost-free agent Jared Cook.

Gronk is still a beloved figure in brand-new England, though, and like Brady should obtain a rousing ovation native the Gillette stadium crowd ~ above Sunday night.

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Gronkowski is off to a quick start this season with 4 touchdown records in three games, therefore the Patriots should have actually their hands complete with their former star chop end.