If you watch Pawn Stars, then it's likely you know Rick Harrison, the co-owner and co-founder of world Famous gold & silver- Pawn Shop in ras Vegas. "The Spotter," therefore he's referred to as by the other actors members on the show, is the main character ~ above the popular background series. 

That said, there's constantly a slew of questions about his an individual life, particularly his love life due to the fact that it's not always highlighted ~ above the show. So, who is rick Harrison married to? Here's whatever we know around his wife.

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Rick Harrison's wife is called Deanna Burditt. The couple married earlier in July 2013 in Laguna Beach, Calif. According to People, the duo stated "I do" in former of 180 guest at the time, yet there to be allegedly some various other fun details at the special event. For starters, his co-star Chumlee was the ring bearer and Counting dare star Danny Koker to be the minister.

A band dubbed Steel Panther played music at the event, and also the favor to be a bobblehead that the duo in your wedding gown and also tuxedo.

“I just had actually no idea there to be so lot involved. I simply thought you gained a cake, had actually a party, buy a keg,” Rick had joked the the planning procedure at the time.

While we don't understand much around Deanna (she rarely appears on his Instagram page and has managed to store her an individual life private despite the fame the surrounds Rick), us do know that she's in her mid-40s; the she, like Rick, is on her third marriage; and that stack is certain smitten over her.

When lock got involved eight years earlier in 2012 (one year after meeting in 2011), the TV star gushed end Deanna in an interview with People. "I’m the happiest male alive," the 55-year-old said at the time. "I’m living the dream." 

By the sound of it, it seemed prefer Rick knew from the begin that he want to marry Deanna. "I didn’t yes, really ask her, ns told she ‘Girl, I’m marrying you,’ and also then I offered her the ring," he defined of the sweet Valentine's job proposal.

Yes, prior to Deanna, Rick to be married twice. He was very first married come Kim Harrison indigenous 1982 till 1985. A year later, that married Tracy Harrison and also the pair was hitched till 2011 (around the time he met Deanna). Favor Deanna's very first two marriages, Rick's very first two marriages also ended in divorce.

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Yes, stack is a proud dad to three sons. He has actually Corey, 37, and also Adam, 36, v his first wife, Kim, and also Jake indigenous his 2nd wife, Tracy. Therefore it transforms out, Deanna additionally has 3 kids, three daughters, native her first two marriages.

"It’s perfect symmetry," Rick once said the their combined family. "I’ve acquired three boys. She’s got three girls. We’re basically the Brady Bunch." how fun!

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