Don’t friend love a good mystery?

I recognize I do, whether it come in book, movie or…author form? If any type of of you have actually tuned in come ABC’s hit show CASTLE, you’re familiar with the handsome, charming bestselling writer #Richard lock (played by Nathan Fillion.) The premise that the display revolves roughly Castle’s partnership v the beautiful and also tough Kate Beckett – that becomes the catalyst for his Castle’s new book collection Nikki Heat.

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As both a writer and also a marketing professional, i have loved the truth that the books mentioned ~ above the present – the Nikki Heat books – have been written. The first book, NY time bestseller warm WAVE, came out on the heels of the show’s an initial season (which began in in march 2009.) The next book, naked HEAT, releases in September (which synchronizes nicely with the premiere of the show’s 3rd season.)

However, the biggest mystery isn’t in the plotlines the the books or the episodes. It’s in who is actually creating the books.

In all accounts, from the book jacket chin to the Amazon listing come the placement on the brand-new York time bestseller list, Richard lock is detailed as the author. However Castle is fictional. He is a character. So who is behind these books?

Disclaimer: No, i don’t have the pure answer. Truth be told, I choose the little bit of secret that goes in addition to this. I perform love researching online and trying to number things out, so the was funny to view what I could find based upon articles and other people’s make the efforts to uncover the true author. And from what i’ve found, it appears a large percentage think it’s been solved. However has it?

Let’s take it a look in ~ the facts as they presented themselves:

1. Nobody is ‘fessing to creating the books.

2. Nathan Fillion does publication signings, yet he claimed to Parade Magazine, “I don’t present up and also pretend to it is in Richard Castle.” for this reason he no claiming or also acting together if he has actually penned the bestsellers.

3. The publisher, Hyperion, has given only one clue: The real writer has appeared on Castle. (1)

4. As we know there are a number of well-known authors who have showed up in Castle’s poker games – including James Patterson, Stephen Cannell, and also Michael Connelly.

5. The about-the-author blurb on the warmth Wave sheathe offers: Richard lock is the writer of many bestsellers, consisting of the critically acclaimed Derrick Storm series. His first novel, In a Hail of Bullets, released while he to be still in college, obtained the Nom DePlume Society’s call #Tom Straw award for an enig Literature. Castle at this time lives in Manhattan with his daughter and also mother, both of who infuse his life v humor and also inspiration.

6. The “Nom DePlume Society.” If the exists, it’s a secret society, since I couldn’t discover an actual record of anywhere. (Not that ns do believe it is real, however I had actually to be thorough.)

7. Tom Straw – the “award bearing name”– yet does exist. He is an actual person, who is –shocker – a writer. He’s composed a mystery novel THE trigger EPISODE, and maintained a effective career as an award-nominated writer for shows such together Mary Tyler Moore, Night Court, COSBY and also The late Late present with Craig Ferguson. Not surprisingly, on the Amazon web page for his book, the many common books people that purchased his book also bought were the Richard lock books.

8. Tom Straw is additionally referenced in the Author’s keep in mind in the book.

Which method for Tom Straw to be a “suspect” in this mystery, we have to prove he’s appeared on the show. Follow to Nathan Fillion (and Parade Magazine), the has. However when? What episode?

This compelled a little more digging, yet ultimately I found the answer. He did appear on the show, in a non-speaking, cameo role. And the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the video.

Here is a display shot taken indigenous CASTLE’S Season 2, episode 5 — during the beginning party of heat WAVE (which is ironic). The male sitting in ~ the table v Nathan Fillion is Tom Straw (or an identical twin.)


Absolutely seems to be the very same man. A transcript the this episode deserve to be discovered here. So that verifies the last little bit of information.

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Does this 100% resolve the mystery? ns think the only method to recognize that is if the players involved confessed, yet in light of that… how far does this case make the in the court of lock fans? If you room the jury ~ above this case, do you say “Guilty?”

But reality be told, i hope we never know for sure. As a fan of the TV series and as a marketing professional, ns fascinated by the marketing strategy here. Yet most that all, it’s just fun. I like a little an enig in life.