R. Kelly combine Sentenced come 96 months in prison for Intimidating Victim

Michael Williams formerly charged through arson for setup fire to car to protect against Jane Doe witness-victim native cooperating through authorities


An associate of R. Kelly was sentenced come 96 months in jail on charges regarded the intimidation that a mrs Doe victim-witness to dissuade her from cooperating through the government’s investigation right into the singer.

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Michael Williams, a loved one of one unnamed Kelly publicist, was formerly charged in august 2020 because that “using and also attempting to usage intimidation and also threats against an alleged victim in the Kelly case” as well as “maliciously damaging and destroying a auto by means of fire and also an explosive.” The United states Attorney’s Office because that the Eastern district of new York announced Williams’ sentencing Wednesday.

The arson emerged on June 11, 2020, when Williams collection fire to an SUV leased by jane Doe’s father external of a Florida residence whereby the victim-witness was staying; the vehicle was greatly damaged in the incident.

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Investigators later discovered that Williams had “previously made web searches around the detonation nature of fertilizer and diesel fuel, witness intimidation and also witness tampering, and also countries that perform not have extradition agreements through the joined States. “

“In a violent act designed to instill fear and stop a witness native testifying in ~ trial, Williams collection fire to the victim’s automobile in the middle of the night when it to be parked external of a residence lived in by 4 adults and two children,” United says Attorney Breon peace said in a statement.“Intimidating witnesses and threatening the safety of crime victims undermine the very fabric of ours judicial system and also will never ever be tolerated. This Office will certainly bring all of its resources to bear versus those who commit dangerous plot of violence to silence victims and interfere v the administration of justice.”

The mrs Doe victim-witness stated in a statement released through Assistant U.S. Attorney Maria Cruz Melendez: “It is very unfortunate to watch a man shed his freedom, however, the crime the was committed to be not just vicious but disturbing. My mental state deteriorated tremendously because of fear, invasion of privacy, and also trauma among many other things. Because of your actions, i live in fear and also have had to relocate my entire life. In that home were not only adults yet animals and children under the period of 10. My household is traumatized and also has been in distress due to this unlawful act. I hope this life-changing event gives friend time come reflect on your actions.”

In enhancement to Williams, two an ext Kelly associates — Richard Arline Jr. And Kelly’s former adviser Donnell Russell — were charged in respectable 2020 on charges regarded the singer’s racketeering trial. Kelly was uncovered guilty on all counts the racketeering, sexual exploitation the a child, and also kidnapping; he’s set for sentencing in may 2022, whereby he deals with 10 year to life in prison. Kelly’s Chicago trial on federal boy pornography dues is booked to begin in august 2022.