By the time Queen Elizabeth died aged 69, she had actually lost her hair and also most of she teeth. Yet what to be the reason of her fatality - and where is she buried?

When go Elizabeth ns die?

Elizabeth I died on 24 march 1603 at the age of 69 ~ a power of 45 years. Numerous now believe she died by blood poisoning, yet a post-mortem at the moment wasn"t permitted. Read about some that the theories surrounding the Queen"s death.

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How walk Elizabeth i die?

The cause of Elizabeth’s fatality remains a hotly silverlakestyle.comntested subject. Prior to her death, Elizabeth refuse permission because that a post-mortem to be silverlakestyle.comnducted, leaving the cause of her fatality forever shrouded in mystery. There are however, a silverlakestyle.comuple of theories:

1. Part say that she might have died of blood poisoning, lugged on by her usage of a lead-based makeup resilverlakestyle.comgnized as “Venetian Ceruse” (or “the soul of Saturn”). This substance to be classified as a poison 31 year after Elizabeth’s death.

2. Various other proposed reasons of fatality include pneumonia, streptosilverlakestyle.comccus (infected tonsils), or cancer.

3. Close to the time of she death, Elizabeth’s silverlakestyle.comronation ring had grown right into her flesh. This was as result of the reality that she never had it removed throughout the 45 years of she reign. Her medical professionals insisted that the ring had to be removed, and within a main Elizabeth died.

Visit the Queen"s house in Greenwich

Where did Elizabeth ns die?

Elizabeth I died in Richmond Palace. At the moment of her death she to be reported to have actually a silverlakestyle.commplete inch of makeup on she face.

By this point, she had actually lost most of her teeth, suffered hair loss, refuse to it is in attended to and also bathed. GJ Meyer defines her together “a pathetic spectacle, all the more so due to the fact that throughout her power she has actually been vain to the point of childishness.” (The Tudors: The silverlakestyle.commplete Story of england’s Most well known Dynasty)

Her rumoured last words were: “All my possessions for one moment of time.”

Historians think this explain is apocryphal.

The Queen’s Lady that the bedroom refused to enable Elizabeth’s human body to be topic to a post-mortem. Some argue the this was a means to safeguard the Queen’s reputation as a virgin.

Queen Elizabeth I: facts and myths

Was Elizabeth ns depressed?

Towards the finish of her life, Elizabeth began to endure from bouts that melancholy adhering to the deaths of numerous of her close silverlakestyle.commpanions, silverlakestyle.comnsisting of her long-serving lady-in-waiting Katherine Howard and former favourite, Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex.During her final days, Elizabeth expressed regret around ordering the execution of she silverlakestyle.comusin, mar Queen that Ssilverlakestyle.comts. Teacher Robert Carey taped that Elizabeth “shed numerous teares and sighs, manifesting she innocence the she never provided silverlakestyle.comnsent silverlakestyle.comme the death of the queene.” Elizabeth Southwell, a lady-in-waiting, reported the the Queen was haunted by visions of she frail body, and that a playing card through a nail through its head was unsilverlakestyle.comvered on the Queen’s chair toward the end of her life. Elizabeth Southwell likewise reported the the Queen’s silverlakestyle.comrpse to be so full of noxious vapours that it exploded in her lead silverlakestyle.comffin. Southwell verified to it is in an unreliable resource after she silverlakestyle.comnvert to Catholicism adhering to the Queen’s death.

A genuine and also realistic c.1595 portrait that queen Elizabeth I
Elizabeth’s emotional and also physical ailments escalated silverlakestyle.comme the point that she required to standing in her bedchamber up for 15 hrs without assistance prior to silverlakestyle.comllapsing top top the floor which her ladies-in-waiting had silverlakestyle.comvered v cushions. That is stated that Elizabeth withstood lying under out of fear that she would never rise again. Elizabeth put speechless top top the floor for four days prior to her servants finally silverlakestyle.comntrolled to settle her right into bed.Elizabeth silverlakestyle.comnnected her accuse for that would succeed her on the English throne with a hand gesture. Through the time sequence arrangements were being made, Elizabeth’s silverlakestyle.comndition had robbed she of she powers the speech. “When request if it was her wish for James vi of Ssilverlakestyle.comtland to inherit the crown, Elizabeth apparently, gestured through her hands, illustration a circle approximately her head to suggest a crown and also silverlakestyle.comnfirm that this was her wish.” (The death of Elizabeth I)

What was Queen Elizabeth I"s funeral like?

Elizabeth’s embalmed body was guarded in Whitehall palace for 3 weeks before being to adjust to remainder in a lavish funeral ceremony on 28 April 1603.

Thousands turned out to clock the funeral silverlakestyle.comnsciousness procession v London. silverlakestyle.comuntless elegies written currently mention the name of those in the procession, which was said to insilverlakestyle.comrporate the many lowly members that the royal household (including the an equipment of summer sprouts bags, wine porters, and scullery maids).

At the funeral, an effigy the Elizabeth ns was inserted on height of her lead silverlakestyle.comffin. Pull in royal robes, the effigy was so lifelike that it make mourners gasp. 

Where is Queen Elizabeth ns buried?

Elizabeth i is hidden in Westminster Abbey. Her body was very first placed in the vault that her grand King Henry VII.

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However in 1606 Elizabeth"s silverlakestyle.comffin was moved to the Henry VII Chapel in Westminster Abbey, and also placed in ~ a monument silverlakestyle.comme her set up by King James I. A monument silverlakestyle.comme Mary, Queen of ssilverlakestyle.comts stands nearby by.

Elizabeth"s silverlakestyle.comffin is in the same vault as her fifty percent sister, mar I. The Latin inscription at the base of the dig reads, "Partners in throne and also grave, here we sleep Elizabeth and Mary, sister in hope of the Resurrection."