HGTV has actually a sweetheart trove that stars in ~ its helm, and also "Property Brothers," which attributes twins Jonathan and also Drew Scott, is no exception. We desire to know all of their interior layout tips (like exactly how to make a little space it seems to be ~ bigger and what to splurge on in the bathroom), wherein they live (we promise we won"t stalk), and also we even rated their best episode ever before (yes, it to be hard). 

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According to Deadline, "Property Brothers" have been signed ~ above to continue throughout 2022, i m sorry is fantastic news! "Drew and also Jonathan are multi-talented HGTV stars and also producers who supply innovative and impactful content throughout all our communication — linear and digital," said mrs Latman, chairman of HGTV, in a statement. "They are great collaborators, full of funny ideas, and also our audience and advertisers love them." 

It"s not hard to think that the popular duo has segued your career v a heat of famous interior design products that can be found at Lowe"s, Wayfair, and also QVC, every Cheat Sheet. The outlet likewise notes the the duo has written a book and also started a magazine. However have you ever wondered where HGTV movies "Property Brothers," specifically? We understand we have! review on to see where one of the most famous shows on HGTV is shot.

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It"s no an enig that the Scott twins space from Canada, so one would certainly think the "Property Brothers" would certainly be filmed exclusively there, like many HGTV shows. However, that isn"t the case. "Every 3 months were in a different city," said Jonathan Scott to Closer Weekly. Every the outlet, while seasons 1 and also 2 were filmed in Toronto, there have actually been a slew of other filming locations, consisting of Austin, Vancouver, Atlanta, Westchester County, brand-new York, Los Angeles (for "Property Brothers in ~ Home," i beg your pardon featured attracted Scott"s Honeymoon House), and also Nashville, which the brother loved. "Nashville to be so lot fun, we have actually friends there, the music vibes," Drew explained. "It"s not just the nation music vibe, it"s the music vibe in general ... And just the personalities, everyone is therefore warm and also friendly."

Nashville isn"t the only location that Drew and Jonathan space fond of, either. "We"ve been to Texas twice," attracted told PopSugar. "We saw Austin, and also we saw Galveston since people claimed they wanted united state there . Us love the idea of coming to brand-new cities." If you"re wondering just how to get the brothers to your town, tags HGTV on society media, and also they just could film in a city close to you!