Princeton college is constantly in the conversation when civilization speak of the country’s best universities, and rightfully so. With a rich background of world-class academic offerings and also a proven track document of developing some the the many successful alumni, it’s no wonder Princeton is revered for this reason highly.

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They’re designed to provide students a chance to reveal an ext about their personal goals, strengths, and interests while, in ~ the exact same time, help admissions officers obtain a clearer picture of each student. ~ all, the typical application isn’t an extremely revealing.

In order to greatly increase your possibilities of acquiring into Princeton, you can work with a dedicated admissions counselor to nail your supplemental essays. supplies personalized editing services and guidance to assist you perfect your responses. You’ll have a far better understanding of what the prompts space asking, what admissions police officers at Princeton room looking for, and also how you can finest tailor your responses.

How I obtained into Princeton

While offering strategies for getting into Princeton is helpful, occasionally it’s simply nice to hear directly from someone that has successfully gotten embraced to the university. We browsed the internet to uncover a first-person account of a Princeton applicant. Here’s what we found:

“Generally, the way you obtain into Princeton is based on five major things:

Academics: very first and foremost, Princeton is a top-tier university. They will not admit someone who they think won’t execute well academically. This way you should have a solid track document of doing fine in class and on standardization exams. That is an extremely important the you consistently during high school excel in your classes. The greater your GPA, merged with acquisition the most daunting courses throughout high school, will be important.

Doing fine on standardized tests is also key. It is continuous across schools. Even if it is you go to an elite personal school or a normal public school, standardization tests room a method for the admissions committee come compare. If you get a very high GPA and also low test scores, that will educate the admissions committee the your school might not be an extremely rigorous. So, try to execute well ~ above the SAT/ACT (and satellite 2).

Passion: even if it is you space interested in poetry, sports, music, or whatever, you require to have passion. There are tens of thousands of applicants to Princeton. They might literally to fill their course with world who have actually perfect sat scores. The method to stand out from here is to have actually some sort of passion. Friend should existing this by gift in clubs, law extracurriculars, sports, etc. Try to find something early and stick v it.

If you spend 8 years play an instrument, it will certainly reflect far better than play one for 2 years. If you have actually the opportunity and gifts to excel at something (tournaments, posting articles, making an app, etc.), also better.

Try to press yourself transparent high institution to uncover your passions and also excel. The admissions committee knows that you room young and still do the efforts to uncover yourself, but you should have an idea that what you desire to perform with the experiences and also background to display it.

Personality: walk out and experience things in life. You perform not have to be the cookie-cutter applicant to gain into Princeton. As soon as I remained in high college I functioned at McDonald’s and Walmart. Ns met people and also spoke v them. Ns tried to make a movie and also submitted it to the compete (and lost miserably!). But all of these experiences shaped me.

I had the ability to tie in my personal experiences in school, in ~ my job, v my hardships, to repaint a much more complete snapshot of myself. This experiences will certainly shine with in her essays and interviews. If you only focus on “stereotypical activities” and also don’t in reality live her life, this will be apparent in your application. Now, together I mentioned, no everyone is wealthy and also can take trip the world, volunteer in various countries, etc. It is fine – Princeton understands that not everyone is wealthy.

People have various experiences and circumstances. It is essential that girlfriend can display Princeton that you are excelling offered your circumstances. I when interviewed a woman who was homeless throughout high school, who parents passed away when she was younger. She didn’t have the same opportunities as a trust money kid. But her life experiences were very inspiring, and she was embraced with a complete scholarship.

Patience: spend time writing your essays. Try to acquire your voice come shine through. Start early on all aspects (essays, exams, etc.) and also plan. That very first (or tenth) draft of her essay may still require work. Provide yourself time come read and also reflect. Make sure your voice shines through. Avoid cliches. Read your essays many times, climate wait a main to offer yourself a fresh perspective.

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