For only the second time in Scandal‘s six-season run, the abc political thriller shockingly claimed farewell come a collection regular.

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Thursday’s illustration featured the surprising fatality of collection regular Portia de Rossi’s Elizabeth North, Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) savvy cook of staff.

“I have actually been a pan of Portia’s for years and also it was an honor to have actually her join our Scandal family,” Scandal creator and showrunner Shonda Rhimes claimed in an exclude, statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “Portia infused Liz North with a smart, powerful and breakable soul while additionally making the feeling sing — and that brought every one of us in the writers’ room a most joy. If I could keep her forever, I would certainly — however kidnapping is illegal.Besides, ns am very impressed with the vision she has for her an imaginative future. Ns wish her all the best.”

Elizabeth was eliminated off together the so-called mystery Woman (Zoe Perry) and her boss, Peus (David Warshofsky), sent out a deadly article to Mellie the they would be make her dreams nightmares come true through blackmailing the electoral college and also sending her right into the White home as the country’s an initial female president.

As Mellie valiantly attempted come stand as much as her newly revealed benefactors — she want to cave them for the killing of President-elect Frankie Vargas, amongst other charges — the secret Woman supplied a golf society to to win Elizabeth to death. The savage beatdown helped gain Mellie to fall in line. Together the electoral college votes were revealed, Mellie completed her dream of to win the presidency — just it come at too high a price, together her benefactors threatened to death her children if she attempted to cede come Cyrus (Jeff Perry).


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Meanwhile, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) had Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) father Rowan (Joe Morton) seemingly arrested, just he was being preserved under close security at the White house in order because that Fitz and Olivia come (finally!) reteam in stimulate to take it Peus down. (Thursday’s episode finished with the long-awaited romantic reconciliation in between Olivia and Fitz.)

As because that de Rossi, the diehard Gladiator very first joined the series as recurring in season four and was advocated to series regular ahead of season five. She becomes only the second series continual to be eliminated off of Scandal, joining Columbus Short, whose Harrison was eliminated off once the actor’s choice was not renewed ~ a three-season operation amid residential abuse allegations. Elizabeth is the recent in a heat of shocking deaths on Scandal as de Rossi join Dan Bucatinsky’s James, Ricardo Chavira’s Frankie Vargas, Jerry grant Jr. (Dylan Minnette), Verna Thornton (Debra Mooney), Amanda Tanner (Liza Weil) and Andrew Nichols (Jon Tenney), among others.

To listen de Rossi phone call it, she to be the one who made decision to readjust gears and also approached Rhimes through her desire to emphasis on art. Check out on as de Rossi talks v The Hollywood Reporter about why she opted to leave and also what she hopes viewers take far from Elizabeth’s death.

Did you key a various idea for exactly how Elizabeth would certainly go out?

Nothing the I can come up v would be anywhere near as an excellent as what Shonda and her staff might figure out. I knew they would come up with something brutal, shocking and amazing and something that would do justice come Elizabeth North.

What to be the reaction come Elizabeth’s death like in ~ the table read?

Once or double a season, castle won’t perform a table review for an episode and this to be that illustration that walk not get read at table. It to be a blessing for me due to the fact that I love everybody in ~ the show and would have actually been a mess, also though it’s something that ns wanted. I most likely would have actually blubbered mine entire way through the table read. They couldn’t figure out how to put a table read into the production schedule. I didn’t have to sit with that due to the fact that I’m quite emotional and will miss those guys.

What execute you hope viewers takeaway indigenous Elizabeth’s death? Her fatality paves the method for Mellie to come to be president in a terrible scenario.

It’s a vast moment because that the show. If the audience hasn’t learned yet to be great and ethical people and also to not make transaction that compromise your ethical integrity, climate this is another reminder the anytime any type of Scandal personality lusts after strength — i beg your pardon is the commodity ~ above the show — really poor things happen! We watch it over and over again, yet it’s shocking somehow; it’s the design template of the show!

Season six has actually featured a the majority of flashbacks. Have we checked out the critical of Elizabeth North?

If i was invited back, I would absolutely love come come back and play roughly with the cast. That was one of the most fun work I’ve ever before had and also everybody is so wonderful on that show. I would certainly absolutely entertain coming back. Together of now, Elizabeth is dead.

What to be it favor filming your fatality scene?

It was my last scene. It to be a strange day. Together the day was approaching, ns was getting anxious about it due to the fact that it close up door a thing in mine life and I knew the I’d miss seeing everybody and also doing the show but the believed of being murdered and also having to live with that step made me nervous. In ~ the same time, i realized I’d never invited my mother to the set. She’s a large Scandal fan and always had been and also I’d promised to invite her to set. I was in hair and also makeup when I realized i hadn’t made good on mine promise and invited her to set. It was such a bizarre scene: me laying in a pool of blood on the floor and also my mom sitting in a chair chatting v me while crewmembers to be walking over my “dead” body to adjust lighting and also get all set for the next shot. Mine hairpiece had stuck come the carpet (see video below) and I couldn’t obtain up without it gift a large ordeal and also I didn’t desire to placed everyone through the moment it would certainly take to put me earlier together, “dead” top top the floor. So I simply laid on the floor while civilization were walking end my “dead” body, chatting with my mother. It was yes, really bizarre! Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young and Scott Foley would certainly come talk to me and also stand end me and also take bizarre pictures and also chat v me in in between set-ups. It was my mom and the cast keeping me agency while ns played dead top top the floor in a pool of my very own fake blood. It was so strange. Someone took a snapshot of me taking a take self of myself dead on the floor and I texted it come Shonda and Betsy Beers and also wrote, “Who claimed you can’t take selfies when you’re dead?!” it was good to spend that day with those guys. They were super supportive and we all had actually a good day.

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portiaderossi ?? constantly will. Say thanks to you for making us better. #Scandal #scandalfam

A short article shared by Kerry Washington (


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Did you store anything native the set?

The photos and notes native the actors I’ll save forever. I didn’t pilfer anything indigenous the set to take house with me. Although now I wish ns did —no yes, really object. Ns should have the bloody golf club and also frame it and also put that on my office wall! That would certainly be a an excellent souvenir.

Will you miss out on de Rossi ~ above Scandal? walk Elizabeth’s death surprise you? Sound off in the comments, below. Scandal airs Thursdays in ~ 9 p.m. Top top ABC.

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