The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) way washing our hands, physics distancing and wearing masks to store yourself and also others safe. But which mask is best for you? That counts on the mask material and also the tasks you are doing once you’re wearing your protective face covering.

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If you’re functioning out or playing sports, look because that masks v soft, stretchy product like spandex and also polyester,” said Lori Grooms, director of infection prevention for OSF HealthCare. “Masks through those materials assist wick far sweat during intense physical task or when you room sweating.”

What if the goal is to breathe easier while attract a mask?

“For masks v the ideal breathability, look because that masks make from multiple (about two to 3 layers) of chop woven cotton, cotton-polyester blends or linen materials,” Lori said.

Masks to avoid

Some masks deserve to do an ext harm than great and need to be avoided.

“Do not use masks made out of fleece. A current study mirrors that put on a fleece mask actually increases the number of respiratory droplets being released right into the air,” Lori said. Throughout this cooler season, it’s important that you proceed to wear your mask under your scarf or various other cold weather gear. Scarves are not to plan to provide protection from droplets and also aerosols.

During this chillier season, it’s important you continue to wear her mask under her scarf or various other cold-weather gear. Scarves are not intended to provide protection from droplets and aerosols.

“Neck gaiters, in general, should additionally not be taken into consideration to provide prevention due to the fact that they room made from thinner product than masks and also are ‘stretchier’ materials, which might not assist with trapping droplets.” If your just option is to wear a neck gaiter it need to be made of multiple layers or folded over to administer at the very least two layers extending the nose and mouth.

If your only option is come wear a neck gaiter it must be do of multiple layers or folded end to carry out at least two layers covering the nose and also mouth.

How to choose the mask that’s best for you

If you’re shopping for a mask, do your own or selecting from masks that are donated, Lori claimed there are 5 things to constantly consider when choosing a mask the is ideal for you:

Moisture wicking: Fabrics with soft stretchy material, such as spandex or polyester, pull moisture away from her skin, helping to store you coolerStays in place and also easy to put on: The mask should be secured by the use of earloops or tiesLong-term use: Is the mask washable and also will it maintain its shape without damages after washing?

Make it personal: Mask in style!

If you space making your very own mask, of food it’s necessary to construct and wear the mask properly. However, make sure to choose a mask that resonates v you – prefer a team logo or picking colors that enhance your apparel or her personality.

When you try on clothes, periodically it take away a few tries to find something with the perfect fit and also comfort. That the exact same for masks.

You may need to acquisition a couple different styles or types to uncover the one you’re many comfortable wearing. Then, rock that mask with style.

Tips for parents: picking a mask for her child

What have to parents know about picking a mask for your child? youngsters under the period of 2 need to refrain native wearing masks and those who are unable to remove a mask us should likewise not undertake a mask.

“You may want to introduce the masks slowly, and start the end at residence with quick intervals the time, then take trips that require the masks for longer periods of time,” Lori said. “For young children, consider ways you can include it into play, together as having them teach a doll or stuffed animal about wearing a mask and putting it on.”

Size and also fit because that kids


When it comes to the ideal fit and size for your child’s mask, the exact same guidelines use as for adults: It have to fit over the nose and also under the chin without gapping at the sides.

“You may need to experiment before you find the appropriate one. In general, the children sized face masks will certainly fit someone from period 3 through around age 10 and sometimes as much as 14 years of age. However if you son is larger for your age, you might need to shot a little adult size,” Lori said.

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Keep it fun for kids

The crucial is to relax and also have fun through your child, Lori said. “If they check out you uncomfortable or not wearing her mask, lock will carry out the exact same thing. If you do it funny and enable them to pick fun colors or prints or even make their very own mask with proper material, they are much more likely come wear their masks.”

Explain as soon as no mask is OK

Children know there’s a time and also place for certain things. The goes because that masks, too.

“Teach your children when and also how it is suitable to take division from wearing your masks, together as as soon as they’re outdoors and also at a safe distance from various other people,” Lori said. “Also make certain your youngsters have a location to keep their offered masks once they space not attract them and also that they have actually a means to clean their hands before and also after handling their mask.”