Phil Robertson, 74, has welcomed a 45-year-old daughter into the renowned family after a DNA test proved she to be his child.

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The "Duck Dynasty" has added an unexpected brand-new member.

Phil Robertson, 74, the patriarch that the Louisiana family members from the hit reality series, revealed ~ above his "Unashamed" podcast through his four sons top top Thursday that he recently determined he has a 45-year-old daughter from a decades-old affair.

"It"s a nice cool explanation that redemption, reconciliation, love," Robertson said. "As it transforms out, 45 years, you have actually a daughter the you don"t recognize about, and also she has a father she doesn"t recognize about. Forty-five years, that doesn"t sound like an extremely long but you say, that"s a while. Therefore finally, after all those years, we come together."

The family found out once a woman called Phyliss sent a letter to Robertson"s son, Al, that said a DNA test indicated that Phil Robertson might be her father.

Robertson, who has actually been married come his wife Kay due to the fact that 1966, has previously admitted to having actually affairs before he convert to Christianity in the 1970s.

"Well once we obtain into that and start looking in ~ it a little more deeply, I"m like, "Oh whoa, whoa, there can be something to this,"" Al claimed on the podcast.

Phil Robertson (far right) and also the "Duck Dynasty" clan have found he has an adult daughter from an old to work in enhancement to his four sons. Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images

Al and also Phil"s various other sons, Willie, Jase, and also Jep, decided to strategy Phil about looking into her claim.

"I began thinking, there"s a 45-year-old woman the end there who doesn"t know who she dad is, and also she"s looking," Al said. "And i thought, also if it"s not dad, she demands to understand it"s no dad."

Phil made decision to take it a DNA test, i m sorry came earlier as a 99.9% match with Phyliss. He said he didn"t hesitate to desire to contact her.

The family has quickly embraced the daughter and sister they didn"t know they had.

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"I was so excited," Jep Robertson said. "It was to me prefer a dream come true."


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Phil Robertson"s wife, who is known as miss Kay, likewise graciously accepted Phyliss regardless of learning she to be the product of an affair. Phyliss is supposed to show up on one upcoming illustration of the podcast alongside Kay.

"I gained to hear that an initial conversation v mom and it was so neat due to the fact that mom always has wanted a daughter," Al said. "Let"s it is in honest, if a the majority of women acquire news 45 years later on there"s a kid they didn"t recognize (their husband) had, it could not go well."

"Miss Kay over the entire 45 years warned me, or at least alerted me, she stated someone will certainly come the end of your past, that wild ride of living,"" Phil said. "I said, "You think?" She said, "I think it would probably be a son, however in this case she said, "I"m so happy it"s a girl.""

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