Honolulu, Hawaii"s cost of life is 88% greater than the national average. The cost of life in any type of area have the right to vary based upon factors such together career, its typical salary and also the genuine estate industry of the area.PayScale price of life Calculator can assist you uncover out an ext about how your individual demands will variable in when start your study to figure out how much that would expense you come relocate.

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Housing, Utilities, and also Transportation

Honolulu"s housing prices are 202% greater than the nationwide average and also the energy prices room 89% higher than the nationwide average. Transportation costs like bus fares and gas prices space 35% higher than the nationwide average.

Food and Grocery

Honolulu has grocery prices that space 62% greater than the national average.


health care in Honolulu is 16% higher than the national average.





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Special & vital installation message

Hawaii is rabies-free. Hawaii"s quarantine regulation is designed to defend residents and pets from possibly serious wellness problems linked with the advent and spread of rabies. This regulation states the dogs and also cats meeting particular pre- and also post-arrival requirements may qualify because that a 5-day-or-less quarantine program, which has a provision for direct release at Daniel K. Inouye global Airport ~ inspection. View the State of Hawaii pet Industry Division’s Checklist because that 5-Day-Or-Less routine for details. Hawaii has actually regulations because that pet importation. These should be complied with in bespeak to it is in authorized a direct release native the plane if all pre-arrival requirements are completed and also all required paperwork/payments are submitted at the very least 10 days before arrival.

Email resolve for the animal Quarantine station is: rabiesfree
hawaii.gov or hdoa.info
hawaii.gov . Telephone: 808-483-7151.

Some non-domestic animals are permitted into the state when others space not. If you wish to lug a pet other than a dog or cat, the is highly suggested you contact the tree Quarantine Non-Domestic and pathogen office for much more information. Friend may speak to with concerns at 808-832-0566 or 808-837-8413.

In-Depth Overview


Navy Specific

The primary mission that Pearl port is to administer berthing and also shore side support to surface ships and also submarines, and maintenance and also training. Pearl Harbor can accommodate the biggest ships in the fleet, to encompass dry dock services, and also is now house to over 160 commands. Housing, personnel, and family support space also provided and space an integral part of the shore next activities, which incorporate both permanent and also transient personnel.

NCTAMS PAC offers operational direction and management to all Pacific naval Telecommunication system users. In enhancement to this function, NCTAMS PAC manages, operates, and also maintains the Defense interaction System and also Naval Telecommunication mechanism assets. It also offers a full selection of ADP and also Information source Services, Maintenance and Repair, and Communication/Electronic and also Defense Message system coordination to the Navy and also other DOD tasks in the Pacific.

Air force Specific

The significant command is the Pacific Command. PACAF"s main mission is to plan, conduct and also coordinate offensive and defensive air operations in the Pacific and also Asian theaters. The mission of the 15th Airlift wing is to boost PACAF"s power and reach through ensuring world-class en course support, preserving operational all set forces and providing premium customer service.


Navy Specific

Pearl harbor was established as a U.S. Naval base in 1908, and remains a crucial part of the U.S. Defense facility today. Pearl port is a national historical landmark due to the fact that of its essential contribution come the rise of the U.S. As a major power in the Pacific and also the vital role it play in people War II, start with the December 7, 1941attack. For an ext information please visit Pearl Harbor"s homepage.

Air pressure Specific

Hickam field was named for sublievenant Colonel Horace Meek Hickam, one aviation pioneer, eliminated in a flying accident at fort Crockett near Galveston, Texas. Hickam field was specialized on may 31, 1935 and officially activated in 1938. In 1957, Headquarters Pacific Air force was created at Hickam Air pressure Base. The marriage of Pacific Air pressures was a historic "first" in which all USAF fighting forces assigned to the Pacific and Far East areas were consolidated under one command.


Joint basic Pearl port Hickam provides services comparable to a large city come a populace of energetic duty from all services, guard, reserve, household members and retirees.

1,415,872 (U.S. Census) in the Honolulu metro area

Navy-Specific Information:

Navy active Duty 13,170 marine Active-Duty family Members 14,086 navy Selected to make reservation 708 navy Selected Reserve household Members 1,401 marine Retirees 4,882 navy Retiree household Members 7,221 navy Reserve Retirees 266 marine Reserve Retiree family members Members 396 navy Civilians 11,449 Non-Appropriated fund Employees 3,371

Air Force-Specific Information:

AF energetic Duty 5,652 AF Active-Duty household Members 8,197 AF safety 2,302 AF Guard family Members 3,525 AF Selected make reservation 1,000 AF Selected Reserve household Members 1,111 AF Retirees 4,927 AF Retiree household Members 6,382 AF to make reservation Retirees 804 AF reserve Retiree family members Members 1,221 AF Civilians 534

Navy Specific

Joint base Pearl harbor Hickam serves end 55,000 human being each year, has actually its very own police/security force and also is responsible because that Department of Defense firefighters in 13 stations island-wide.

Air pressure Specific

JBPHH is house to 5,616 Air force military members who have 8,197 household members.


Naval base Pearl Harbor and also Hickam Air force Base to be realigned to form Joint base Pearl port Hickam (JBPHH), i beg your pardon became totally operational ~ above 01 October 2010.

The information in this document covers Navy region Hawaii Joint base Pearl harbor Hickam, in addition to our navy satellite installation, navy Computer and also Telecommunications Area grasp Station Pacific (NCTAMS PAC) located at Wahiawa. Joint basic Pearl harbor Hickam is situated eight miles west that Honolulu, ~ above the Island the Oahu, ar of Honolulu, one of eight islands that consist of the State the Hawaii. The main entrances for both Pearl Harbor and Hickamare roughly two miles west of the Daniel K. Inouye international Airport. The island hosts all branches that the armed forces, including the coastline Guard.


For straight Release, animals must arrive by 3:30 p.m. Come be released at the Airport. Airplane Inspection may take up to one hour. Airport stop Facility close the door at 5:00 p.m., however, the office processing"sclose down at 4:30 p.m. Arrange with the airline for your flight to come by 3:30 p.m.

Otherwise, pets will continue to be at the pet Quarantine Holding basic at the Daniel K. Inouye international Airport. Over there is an airport Quarantine hold overnight fee. The holding Facility will take the pet to the quarantine terminal the next day or if all demands are met they might be choose up in ~ the Quarantine Holding facility at the Daniel K. InouyeInternational Airport prior to 10:00 a.m. The following day. Animal Carriers cannot be opened on airplane Property/Premises. To acquire to the Airport Holding basic a auto is needed. For much more information visit the Hawaii room of agriculture website.

Daniel K. Inouye worldwide Airport (HNL)

A significant aviation gateway for the State that Hawai"i,Daniel K. InouyeInternational airport is the primary hub for domestic overseas and also interisland flights and is at this time one of three State airports accommodating international flights. Daniel K. InouyeInternational additionally functions together a joint military-civilian airport sharing airfield infrastructure with Hickam waiting Field, Joint basic Pearl port Hickam. When landing you may see plane from the Hawaii Air nationwide Guard and the united state Air Force. Cab fare is roughly $15.00 come $20.00 to Hickam and also $20.00 to $25.00 come Pearl Harborfrom the airport. The #19 Bus will certainly travel directly onto Hickam, Joint base Pearl port Hickam from the airport. Have actually your armed forces I.D. Prepared for defense personnel.

Directions from the Airport come Hickam, Joint base Pearl harbor Hickam

To reach Joint basic Pearl harbor Hickam, monitor the signs to "H1 Waianae" together you leaving Daniel K. Inouye international Airport. Top top H1, move automatically to the much right lane and also take the next exit to "Hickam AFB"

Directions indigenous Airport come Naval base Pearl Harbor, Joint basic Pearl port Hickam

Take H-1 West, top top freeway departure from the Daniel K. InouyeInternational Airport, or you deserve to go the end of the airport and head west top top Nimitz Highway. The key gate (commonly well-known as Nimitz Gate) is about two miles west the the Daniel K. InouyeInternational airport on Nimitz Highway. Pearl port is located eight miles west that Honolulu, on the Island the Oahu. It is one of eight archipelago that make up the State that Hawaii.

Limited business is accessible from "The Bus," the City and also County that Honolulu"s Bus Service. Call them in ~ 808-848-5555 or online for more information.If acquisition a taxi, inquiry one with base access. Not all taxi"s room authorized ~ above base. "The Cab" is one authorized taxi service at 808-422-2222.

If friend are arriving via rental automobile you may acquire a short-lived pass in ~ the Pass and ID office which is situated on the right just before Nimitz door in structure 3455. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. Come 3:30 p.m, Monday v Friday. After ~ working hours you may achieve a one-day visitor pass at the "Security pass Window" located on the Nimitz Highway side of the building.

Directions to Waikiki

If you room going to temporary lodging in Waikiki, follow the signs to "H1 Honolulu." from H1 take the "Nimitz" cut-off which i do not care Ala Moana Blvd after about seven miles. Take a appropriate on Kalia Rd for the Hale Koa Hotel, or continue on Ala Moana because that one more block, to Kalakaua Ave.

Directions to the Military and Family support Center, Hickam, Joint basic Pearl port Hickam

Military and also Family Support facility Hickam from the main gate, take it O"Malley Blvd past the flight line (on left). Proceed right into the circle and get right into the best lane. This roadway will pressure you to make a best at the 2nd Vickers Avenue. At the first road, Scott Circle, take it a right. The Military and Family Support facility Hickam, building 1105, is on the edge to your left through parking in the back/side of the building.

Please Note: The unified Services organization Hawaii in ~ the Daniel K. Inouye worldwide Airport has actually been closed as a result of Covid-19 since March 2020. Questions and requests for aid are being taken from your USO facebook account. Renovations for the USO Hawaii were begun in respectable 2020. However, there is no perfect date available at this time. Please check the USO on facebook account for reopening information. The USO situated in the airplane is operating with minimal services if they continue their renovations (as that January 2021). The E-Mail box is gift monitored.Telephone calls space being receivedat the number provided below.

As the renovations continue,the USO in the airport will service 20 active Duty and also Family Members in ~ a time. The showers room CLOSED. Masks are to it is in worn at every times. Food and Drinks room TO GOonly. Virtual Programming will proceed to be offered.Please see USO Honolulu, USO JBPHH, USO Schofield, and USO Hawaii facebook Pages because that Updates.

USO Hawaii in ~ the Daniel K. Inouye international Airport, 300 Rodgers Boulevard, #48, located at Terminal 2, in between baggage claim locations 19 and also 20 (808-836-3351). Email address: usohonolulu.web
uso.org. Amenities encompass (donation crate available):

Food and beverages: beverages, coffee and also tea, daily meals, full kitchen, snack bar, snacks Connectivity: common access card readers, charging stations, computers and laptops, phones, printers, Skype, Wi-Fi Multimedia and gaming: DVD and Blu-ray player, Play station 4, TV and also cable, Xbox One Rest and also relaxation: air conditioning, baby-changing station, bathrooms, board and table games, children play area, library, lounge, play cards, showers, toiletries, Bob Hope tradition Reading regimen Travel services and gifts: greeting cards, details desk, neighborhood information, lost and also found, luggage carts, transport information, travel maps

There is no resting area.

USO assists military and their families by call their devices for come pickup. USO is open 16 hrs a day, 7 days a week from 8 a.m. Come 11 p.m.

There is additionally a USO located at the Hickam waiting Mobility Command terminal in ~ 355 Mamiya Avenue, in structure 2028, Room 167. Call 808-892-1145 for much more information or email at usojbphh.web

The totally free Navy Exchange shuttle bus gives services around Joint basic Pearl port Hickam, ~ above both Pearl Harbor and Hickam. The spaceship operates from 9 a.m. To 9 p.m. The Covid Operating hrs for the Shuttle are from 11 a.m. Come 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information on the NEX shuttle call 808-423-3344. The just authorized taxi company for armed forces bases is TheCab Hawaii, speak to 808-422-2222.

Public transport is obtainable from various places on basic via TheBus, from 5:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. Hawaii standard Time. Because that routes and schedules, contact 808-848-5555 and press 2. Friend can likewise visit TheBus website, or call customer company at 808-848-4500. TheBus pass Office hrs are: Monday with Friday 7:30 a.m. Come 4 p.m., close up door on city holidays. You have to be in line by 3:30 p.m. As the office closes promptly at 4 p.m.

TheHandi-Van is a windy transit organization for persons through disabilities who are unable to usage the city"s bus service. TheHandi-Van company is generally accessible island-wide, Monday with Sunday. For additional information and also eligibility, call 808-538-0033. For TheHandi-Van customer service call 808-456-5555, ext. 3. For reservations contact 808-456-5555, ext. 1.

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Mass Transportation benefit Program/ Transportation inspiration Program System

The department of Defense offers a reimbursement benefit that have the right to be used for, to counter commuting prices for active-duty, Reserve and National Guard organization members, and general schedule and nonappropriated fund employees. This reduces pollution and also traffic congestion, preservation the environment and also expands transport alternatives. This benefit can just be used for take trip to and also from ar of employment. It cannot be offered for meetings or off-duty transportation. For more information see DoDI 1000.27.

For Air force MTBP details (Air force Policy Directive 36-39) contact: 808-448-3432

For marine TIPS information contact the Navy tips Coordinator because that Military and Appropriated money Civilian Personnel for Navy region Hawaii and JBPHH point of Contact: 808-471-3839