Ever because its beginning in 2009, the fact TV display Pawn Stars has become one of the biggest shows ~ above the background Channel and has amassed a specialized cult following. It’s competent an immense surge in popularity and also made the employee of the yellow & silver Pawn Shop overnight celebrities.

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The present was going solid until the outbreak that Covid-19 in 2020, once production top top the 17th season to be halted. Because then, questions have persisted around the fate the the show. To be pawn stars canceled? when will that return? What occurred to its hosts?

Stick with us together we describe the appeal of the show, also as administer the genuine answers and insights right into the behind-the-scenes factors that are affecting the show’s return. Let’s gain started, chandelier we?

The Premise

If you’ve ever step foot into a pawn shop and wondered about the hidden histories of every the artefacts on display, climate Pawn Stars has gained you covered, as the straightforward premise of this present is just that. The show follows a voyeuristic look right into the gold & silver- Pawn Shop in las Vegas i m sorry is run by the father-son duo Rick and also Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison.

The conventional formula of the display is that patrons go into the shop with objects the they’re hoping to market for a tidy sum. Standing in their method is the head that the store, Rick, who regularly haggles through the customers and also enlists the indict of experts and fellow employees to recognize if these artefacts actually have any kind of real value. The comic relief the the show originates from Austin Lee ‘Chumlee’ Russell’s childlike innocence and also bumbling nature.

The Appeal

Whilst a simple concept, Pawn Stars has appealed to a wide demographic the viewers for several reasons. Firstly, it’s quite funny and also easily digestible, patrons come in, they current their potential treasure and its worth is determined. It additionally follows a family-run business, which bring explosive dynamics that conflict and tension.

The show also lures viewers in v the compelling however tense negotiations between the customers and also the merchant-like Pawn Stars themselves. Occasionally, exchanges can gain a little heated, which is highly entertaining come viewers that relish watching this face-offs.

The shop chin is also set in ras Vegas and features a lot of eye-catching shots of the desert metropolis, in every its glitz and also glamour. End the years, Pawn Stars has actually grown to end up being one that the most lucrative shows in the history Channel’s portfolio, and generates an ext than $3 million every episode.

Fact or Fiction?

Before the inquiry on everyone’s lips was ‘why to be Pawn Stars cancelled?’ there was a lot of speculation and also controversy bordering whether or not the display was scripted. Let’s think around it realistically, it would be borderline impossible, not to point out expensive, come film random customers coming and also going v the save for compelling footage.

This would certainly make it incredibly difficult for producer to produce riveting content. Therefore, Pawn Stars through a sort of ‘selective realism’ approach, saving the drama and trimming the fat the the boring moments. The truth of the issue is, the pawn shop chin employs seven hundred people, and also the master of the display only swing by when filming episodes.

Furthermore, the hosts the the show generally work turn off of pre-written scripts. With present business, together a measure up is a requirement to create compelling content and writers deserve to tailor to the right the drama come the characters of the actors members. In our opinion, however, these facets don’t do the collection any much less enjoyable together there is value to the uncertainty of discovering the next covert treasure.

Luck that the Draw

There is additionally an undeniable crossover appeal between the show and the gambling world. There is addictive suspense come the ‘luck of the draw’ format of the show. You just never know when the next priceless heirloom collection dust can be dropped ideal onto the Pawn Star’s laps.

Much like classic table gamings like casino poker or blackjack, there is a real require for both customers and also the pawnbrokers come both keep their cards close to their chests. Native the pawnbroker’s point of view, over there is constantly the gambling that what they’re to buy isn’t completely legit or an useful to others.

From the view of the client walking into the store, the gambling is make the efforts to obtain close come the lot they had in mind before they began the bargaining process. Once push involves shove, there is always a duel between knowledge that the object and its perceived value.

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The Fall

Now the you’re completely acquainted v the world of the show, we’d choose to focus our spotlight on where that all started to walk wrong because that the Pawn Stars and also reveal what really happened behind the scenes. The show’s decline can be attributed come a variety of unforeseen events.

The death of Richard ‘Hoss’ HarrisonThe Corona PandemicRick’s BurnoutChumlee’s Run-ins with the Law

The relatively recent fatality of the family’s patriarch Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison has led come an gift pondering over the fate the the other three stars that the show. What will certainly they execute now? carry out they still work-related at the gold & silver Pawn Shop? perform they still want to make much more episodes?

To clear up the question ‘Is Pawn Stars cancelled?’ once and for all, right here is whatever that we know around what occurred to present after this tragedy.

The Corona Pandemic

The inert of Pawn Stars confirmed no indications of preventing until human being events carried the display to a screeching halt. In march 2020, and during the filming the the 17th season, the Pawn Stars crew was required to traction the plug ~ above production as it was considered non-essential work throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result, the certainty the a lot of of work was up in the air, and also no one knew exactly when normality would certainly return. To make matters worse, the gold & Silver save itself had been suffering a decrease in service in recent years anyway, including to rumors that the present would soon be cancelled.

Rick’s Burnout

Another crucial factor the comprised the return that the show was the noticeable burnout of among the main characters was in the run-up to the Covid Pandemic. In the dynamic the the show’s cast, rick played the knowledgeable, direct leading guy who wasn’t fear to acquire into the weeds as soon as negotiating challenging deals.

However, follow to stack himself, he never ever envisioned Pawn Stars to have such a long, successful run. In his very own words ‘’All i was hope for to be a season or two, therefore everything that has happened is beyond expectations. It’s insane.”

Even after a seven-year operation , he was showing indicators of weariness and also burnout. In 2015 he to be quoted together saying that he hope to drastically limit his duties through both the store and the show by 2017. “I promised my wife that after 2 years I’m giant going to slow-moving down, i can’t work-related 12 hours a day, every job for also long prior to it burns out.

Chumlee’s Chequered Past

After the death of Richard Harrison, the show’s continuing to be stars were left with no room because that slip-ups as much more eyes to be on them. A large elephant in the room in the conversation of ‘Is Pawn Stars cancelled?’ is the show’s loveable Chumlee. His wild antics external of the show have additionally contributed come rumors about the show’s cancellation.

In the feather of 2016, Chumlee’s run-ins through the legislation were thoroughly extended by the media . His ras Vegas house was raided through the authorities in connection to sexual attack allegations from an ex-employee in ~ the store. If this no dark enough, officers uncovered firearms, crystal meth, Xanax, and also cocaine on his property.

He was subsequently arrested and charged through 20 felony counts, pleading guilty to the firearm charges, and also a misdemeanor for the drugs offenses. His probation officially finished in 2019 and all sexual assault allegations were dropped because of lack that evidence.

The Future

So, with all of these worries in mind, the inquiry on everybody’s lips can not be avoided any kind of longer. Was Pawn Stars cancelled? The basic answer is no, Pawn Stars wasn’t cancelled. In early 2021, fans of the show were welcomed v the announcement the they could expect the show’s comeback come take ar on the 22nd the March.

Despite all of the legal and logistical challenges, the show’s cast and crew managed to finish the filming the the 17th season in spite of Covid-19 complications and also premiere it. Specialized fans the the display have met this brand-new season with rave reviews and there are currently high hopes that the display will proceed for a few more seasons.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed by the show’s stars, season 18 certainly can’t be ruled out right now of writing. Even a worldwide pandemic and also the regulation can’t seem to shut down the inert of Pawn Star’s appeal. What does the future host for everybody’s favourite pawnbrokers? just time will certainly tell.

Frequently inquiry Questions

We hope the you’ve appreciated this article and we’ve resolved any misconceptions or speculations girlfriend had about what gained Pawn Stars cancelled. We’d favor to cordially invite you to browse with the rest of our insightful guides around the gambling world. Otherwise, right here are few of the most commonly asked inquiries that we receive from our readers. Ideal of luck out there!

Is Pawn Stars coming earlier in 2021?

Yes, the present premiered that is 17th season ~ above the 22nd march 2021 after ~ a long year of speculation around whether or not Pawn Stars to be cancelled. Committed fans welcomed the show’s return and also there is now much anticipation for the present to produce an 18th season on ar in las Vegas. Read more about the future the Pawn Stars.

What happened to Pawn Stars Chumlee?

The bumbling Chumlee has had actually several shady run-ins through the law in current years. Despite these serious offenses, Chumlee went back to the display in in march 2021 once the 17th season premiered ~ above the history Channel. If you’d favor to know much more about Nevada’s laws, check out our overview on the topic.

Is the Pawn Stars tho in business?

While Rick, Corey, and also Chumlee might not be full-time employees at the keep anymore, the Pawn Stars" yellow & silver Pawn Shop is still open to visitors in las Vegas. Speaking of ras Vegas, the city has inspired many exciting sport of famous table gamings over the years, inspect out our function on the blackjack variation las vegas downtown.

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Is Pawn Stars a scripted show?

Yes. Like most reality TV programs, Pawn Stars features scripted drama and also plot-points between the three key characters, Rick, Hoss, and also Chumlee. Artifacts from patrons room researched and prepared for the show, together the odds of consistently amazing customers visiting the save are fairly low. To learn around the odds of various outcomes, click here.