Gym, tan … ladies! Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D (real name: Paul DelVecchio Jr.) is extremely selective when it involves finding his wifey. The MTV personality hasn’t had many women top top his arm, but the few he has actually gone windy with have been very special to him.

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Perhaps the DJ’s most popular relationship was through singer Aubrey O’Day. The pair met when filming Famously Single and began dating in November 2015. They had actually a tumultuous relationship filled through makeups and also breakups until they lastly parted methods after three years with each other in 2018.


Just months prior to their split, the Danity Kane alum stated she is prepared to it is in Mrs. Pauly D. “I desire a ring favor ASAP! ns think ns put sufficient pressure for the to it is in going under sooner not later on … I’m searching for something serious, and also I’m all set to move to the following chapter in mine life wherein I’m a wife and a mom and also to experience other things 보다 what I’ve been doing my entire career,” she told E! News in June 2017. “He to know that.”

It seems favor Aubrey’s timeline to be too lot for the fact TV star come handle. “Pauly is the one that broke up with Aubrey. She to be pressuring him to acquire a ring, and also he was not there yet. They are done. He wishes to continue to be friends v her, she is pretty upset,” an insider told People at the time. “They were always on and off. However it seems like it’s excellent for good now.”


Despite finishing his irreversible relationship with Aubrey, Pauly wasn’t ready to offer up on his quest to find love. In April 2019, with the aid of his friend and costar Vinny Guadagnino, the best friends collection out to find their true loves top top their own MTV dating show, double Shot at Love v DJ Pauly D and Vinny. After conference 20 women, he had actually the strongest relations with finalists Nikki Hall and Derynn Paige however decided to “ride solo” and send both ladies home.

Looks prefer he refuses to settle!

Scroll below for a look at Pauly D’s date history. 

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Jenni “JWoww” Farley

JWoww and Pauly have always flirted through each other beginning from the an extremely beginning that Jersey Shore. The roommates first hooked up throughout season 1 and maintained a platonic connection until they started thinking about relighting your flame throughout season 3 of Jersey Shore: household Vacation.


Nikki Hall and also Derynn Paige

“The finest thing in this process is to it is in honest, and that’s what ns was,” Pauly said after sending both Nikki and also Derynn home. Although he sent Derynn residence first, that told Nikki her feelings for him were too intense and also he decided to contact things off through her as well.


Aubrey O’Day

While Pauly and also Aubrey didn’t do it to forever, the exes plainly fell tough for each other. “After mine last connection with Pauly, it take it so long for me to heal from the pain, anger, torture and toxicity the I found love in v him,” the songstress said around her ex in July 2019. It sounds prefer their split was for the best.

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Amanda Markert

Although Pauly and also Amanda were never actually a couple, they welcomed a daughter with each other after they had actually a one-night was standing in 2013. Today, the two do their finest to co-parent their little girl, Amabella Sophia.