PEREZ Hilton is a TV personality who started his showbiz job by penning a gossip website.

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Many wonder if he's actually concerned Paris Hilton because of his name - review on to find out.


Perez Hilton is one American showbiz bloggerCredit: Rex Features

Who is Perez Hilton?

Perez was elevated in Miami, Florida.

Although the 42-year-old at first aspired to become an actor, his way into the civilization of showbusiness finished up acquisition a different route.

After a short stint together the regulating editor of Instinct magazine, Perez collection up his own gossip blog, i m sorry soon ended up being a roaring success.

Frenemy come the stars Perez shot to fame due to the fact that of his well-known blog in the early noughties.

Since infiltrating the human being of showbusiness, Perez has actually made multiple TV appearances.

He’s featured top top MTV’s Cribs, Paris Hilton’s My brand-new BFF and also his own reality TV show on VH1.

His stardom has also allowed him come get involved with other amazing projects, including a manufacturing of complete House! The Musical and also broadcasting via his own radio show, Radio Perez.


Perez Hilton collection up his own blog end a te ago, which has actually helped him befriend stars such together his namesake ParisCredit: Corbis

US blogger Perez Hilton sparked shock once he showed up on CBB in 2015.

The star revealed a an extremely fiery side together he stripped naked in the garden, walk on screaming rampages, and fought v almost every one of his housemates.

Perez also made a series of vile risks to Calum Best, causing the police being called.

At an additional point, he even told Katie Hopkins: “If i was among your children I’d death myself.”

Is Perez Hilton pertained to Paris?

No, the pair aren't related at all.


Perez Hilton's gossip-fuelled write-ups of renowned celebrities allowed him to make a name for self - seen here with Kim Kardashian in 2012Credit: Getty Images

Does Perez Hilton have actually a boyfriend?

At the begin of 2020 Perez said he was having trouble finding a boyfriend.

He declared that his call puts world off, informing Tanya Hennessy: "The overwhelming bulk of gay men don’t prefer me.

"That’s hard. I think everybody deserves love and companionship.

"I recognize that i’m a great partner and when I have actually – in the past – remained in relationships, I’ve been an impressive boyfriend."

What's Perez Hilton's network worth?

His network worth is approximated to be around $45million.

This is tantamount to £34,650,225.


Perez showed up on Celebrity large Brother in 2015Credit: Getty Images

Who room his most famous friends?

As he mingled v celebrities and attended swanky events, his words offered fans a glimpse right into the A-list lifestyle.

On good Morning britain in October 2020 he claimed he speaks to Paris Hilton and is nearby to part friends that Britney Spears.

Over the years, his gossip net pages have actually sparked vicious feuds with a variety of celebrities, consisting of Fergie, Khloe Kardashian and Lady Gaga - the last in specific used to it is in a good friend the his.

He has also landed himself in a number of scandals including the rich and also famous, consisting of when his website falsely accused the fatality of Michael Jackson of gift a hoax.

What is Perez Hilton's actual name?

Perez to be born Mario Armando Lavandeira II.

He adjusted his name for his showbiz site and also wanted come play ~ above Paris Hilton's name.

He has maintained his phase name transparent his career.


Does Perez Hilton have actually children?

Perez has three children, though he is really private around them.

Their names room Mia, Mario and also Mayte.

Mario to be conceived making use of a donor egg which was then brought by a surrogate mother.

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His other children were conceived via surrogate.

In 2017 the announced: "I to be beaming with joy and also pride together I share with you the my family has grown yet again."

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