John Michael Osbourne or Ozzy, popularly recognized by his adopted nickname “Prince that Darkness,” rose to fame as the frontman the the renowned metal tape ‘Black Sabbath.’ Unfortunately, ‘Black Sabbath’ fired Ozzy in 1979, citing heavy drug and alcohol use as the reason. Ozzy, however, denied the extreme of the claim. The then established his solitary career and also is currently one of the biggest names in the music industry.

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The superior singer met his mam Sharon Rachel levying (now Osbourne) in 1970 together her father, Don Arden, to be the manager the ‘Black Sabbath.’ as fate would have actually it, Don Arden fired Ozzy from the band in 1979, the exact same year he and also Sharon started dating. Over the years, Sharon has been a rock for her husband and also is also partly attributed for Ozzy’s success. V fans clamoring to recognize where Ozzy and also Sharon stand today, let’s find out if they room still together, shall we?

Ozzy and also Sharon Osbourne: how Did they Meet?

Ozzy met Sharon because that the very first time in 1970 when the former was quiet in ‘Black Sabbath.’ However, the two stayed friends, and also Ozzy married his first wife, Thelma Riley, v whom the shares 2 children, Jessica and Louis. Ozzy can not offer Thelma and his kids a lot of family time together he was touring through his band. Furthermore, his drug and alcohol usage soured his married life and led come the pair’s divorce in 1982. However, even before his divorce, Ozzy to be romantically associated with Sharon, who was regulating him at that time.

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The couple started dating in 1979, and soon after ~ separating native his ex-wife, Ozzy and Sharon bound the node in a beautiful wedding ceremony. The pair were blissfully happy in their initial years and also even welcomed their children, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack. However, crack soon appeared in your relationship as soon as in 1989, Sharon obtained Ozzy arrested for attempted murder. Reports asserted that Ozzy had attacked Sharon, who was saved by the timely treatment of the cops. Ultimately, the singer was sentenced to invest 6 months in medical detention.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="size-full wp-image-415180" src="" alt="" width="1024" height="534" srcset=" 1262w,,104 200w,,156 300w,,400 768w,,534 1024w,,193 370w,,141 270w,,297 570w,,386 740w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" />Image Credit: The Talk/CBSThankfully, Sharon stand by she husband and decided to stay married come him. Over the years, she has been an massive support to she husband and is even partly responsible for his comeback after gaining fired native ‘Black Sabbath.’ Sharon is likewise credited for creating ‘Ozzfest,’ which was a significant success because that Ozzy and even paved the means for him come reunite through his old band members. Moreover, Ozzy and also his wife additionally starred in the MTV show ‘The Osbournes’, i m sorry ran indigenous 2002-2005.

Are Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne still Together?

Yes, Ozzy and also Sharon Osbourne space still married. Although, the pair did run right into further problems in 2013 when rumors around their claimed divorce began circulating. Ozzy was quick to deal with the rumors and also branded them as false. He likewise mentioned that also though he had relapsed right into his drug and alcohol habits, he was trying to remain sober and also was no divorcing his wife. However, in 2016 the couple separated once reports about Ozzy’s alleged affair v Michelle Pugh pertained to light. Sharon was ruined by the news, and also the couple decided the the best course of activity would it is in to split up.

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Surprisingly, a few months after ~ the split, the pair were ago together, v Ozzy even admitting to cheating ~ above his wife with multiple women as the was apparently addicted come sex. After reconciling, the pair decided come strengthen their relationship, and in may 2017, they renewed your wedding vows in a ceremony in las Vegas. Due to the fact that then, Ozzy has been highly dedicated to his wife and has frequently expressed remorse at his previous infidelities. Sharon, too, has come out in public around Ozzy’s six affairs yet has due to the fact that healed and also repaired she marriage.

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At present, Ozzy and Sharon seem come be top a happy life. They room loving grandparents to your grandchildren, and also it is lover to view the two getting out that their previous to find love in each other again. Although the bump in their road have actually been many, the couple refused to let lock derail their bond and have arised stronger and much more committed than ever before. With a beautiful love story extending over 40 years, the couple deserves every little of happiness and also love they receive today.