Sometimes us hear our mom"s voice in the ago of our heads as soon as we"re sick telling us just how to gain better. Buy part chicken noodle soup. Acquire lots that sleep. Drink orange juice?

Not so fast. Orange juice may not worthy its divine reputation because that curing that cold. It"s to be praised because that its Vitamin C content, but next time ns think I"ll happen on the orange juice as soon as I"m feeling under the weather.

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It provides your sore neck worse

Although Vitamin C is credited for helping v inflammation, the Vitamin C in Orange Juice is totally canceled out due to the fact that of the acidity. Acidic liquids will aggravate one already-scratchy throat. Try gargling through salt water, not only will the soothe sick throats, it will flush out post-nasal drip (ew) and salt likewise doesn"t allow bacteria come grow.

Added street can more hurt her immune system

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Most juices that you buy at the grocery save are complete of hidden sugars that can wreak havoc on your immune system. Extra sugar have the right to reduce the top quality of your white blood cell which assist keep your immune system running smoothly.

Most commercial orange juice is so end processed the it wouldn"t also be safe and clean without included "flavour packs."

You could be eating an ext beneficial foods items instead

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If you desire to obtain some medium of funds in, rod to in reality peeling one orange. Or shot some other Vitamin C heavy foods items like broccoli or red bell peppers. You"ll obtain some added fiber, so you have the right to make it component of a meal.

If you"re not right into vegetables, chop up some garlic for a pasta food (or eat a clove—yes, I"ve excellent this.) castle act together a organic antibiotic and provide the most antioxidants when consumed raw.

You"ll it is in neglecting her water intake

Caroline Liu

By drinking orange juice, you could be forgetting to hydrate yourself v the simplest juice that all: water. Hydration is key to fight turn off a cold. It keeps your organs hydrated and also working an excellent to avoid a cold, but also flushes out toxins if you"re currently suffering.

Jazz up her drinks through some hot, vegan choices too, so that you can get far better as shortly as possible.

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Use it as a avoidance method

Jocelyn Hsu

If you"re in love with orange juice, don"t fret. The Vitamin C will help boost her immune device to stop future colds. You deserve to still reap this drink, simply maybe don"t provide it such high priority once you"re sick. 

Want to know what"s one even much better prevention method? Dark chocolate. Yep, research shows eating chocolate can aid alleviate cold symptoms. Move over, OJ.

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