Did you ever look through your husband's pockets while he's asleep? That's illegal. So is taking a lion to the movie in Baltimore City.

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Mitchelle Stephenson, job Staff


A woman might not go with her husband"s pockets while the is sleeping. Men might not buy drinks for mrs bartenders. The is illegal to sell prophylactics from vending devices with one exception: prophylactics may be dispensed indigenous a vending device only "in places where alcoholic beverages are marketed for intake on the premises." Thistles might not thrive in one"s yard. Eat while swim in the s is prohibited. In the whole state, the is illegal to provide or receive oral sex. That is a violation to be in a publicly park with a sleeveless shirt, consisting of joggers. $10 fine. You cannot swear while inside the city boundaries of Baltimore. Maryland requires that alcohol beverage authors be certified as experts by an company of the state prior to they can receive product samples, which it borders to 3 bottles per brand. Baltimore: though you might spit top top a city roadway, spitting on city sidewalks is prohibited. Baltimore: It"s illegal to take a lion come the movies. Baltimore: it is a violation the city password to offer chicks or ducklings come a minor within one week of the Easter holiday. Baltimore has actually regulations administer the handle of hog"s heads, pet droppings and also oyster shells. Columbia: You have the right to not have an antenna exposed outside of your residence yet you can have a 25" satellite dish. Despite clotheslines space banned, clothes may it is in draped end a fence. Gypsies need to steer clear of Caroline County, MD, whereby it"s a $100 well or 6 months in the have the right to for "forecasting or pretending to foretell the future." In Baltimore it"s illegal come block the sidewalk with a box. Yet the offense just carries a $1 fine. In Baltimore that is illegal to throw bale the hay (or of something else) out a second-story window. That gets you a $20 fine. In Baltimore it"s illegal to play professional croquet before 2 p.m. ~ above Sunday. The law also applies to expert quoits. In Baltimore it is illegal come mistreat oysters. In Baltimore it is illegal to to wash or scrub sinks no matter just how dirty lock get. In Halethrope, MD, kisses longer than one second are illegal. S City: A regulation from the at an early stage 1900s prohibits males from walking topless top top the Boardwalk.

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Crazy Maryland laws You've probably Violated

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