The Grease star shared the sad news that Emma Cohen — a nurse at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer well-being & research Centre — died earlier this month



The Grease star, 72, shared the sad news that Emma Cohen — a nurse in ~ the Olivia Newton-John Cancer health & research study Centre — died earlier this month.

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In a heartfelt Instagram write-up shared Tuesday, Newton-John wrote that she "heart is still in shock and also so saddened to learn of the sudden loss of the very special Emma Cohen."

She included that Cohen had taken treatment of she "at a really vulnerable time" in her life as soon as she to be a patient on the nurse's unit in ~ the ONJ Cancer center in 2018.

"She ensured my continue to be was safe and also comfortable, always had helpful advice because that me, showed strong leadership skills and had a good sense of humor," Newton-John defined under a picture of the two of them with each other at the cancer centre.

"She was a bright, energetic and an effective woman v a large future ahead of her, and also we associated on our mission to help patients on your cancer journey."

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She concluded, "Emma had such a generosity spirit and a warm and also loving heart - ns will miss out on seeing she lovely face at the Centre and also send mine love and also deepest condolences to her friends and family."

Newton-John did no say the cause of Cohen's death. A Facebook short article from the Cancer Nurses society of Australia, wherein Cohen served as plank director, said that she passed away after a "short illness" ~ above April 9.

"Emma was a vibrant and passionate leader, and also a fierce and also intelligent support for the cancer nursing workforce, and also her patients," the CNSA created on society media. "Her loss has left a huge gap in ours community, and also in our hearts."

Newton-John was first diagnosed in 1992 and overcame cancer again in 2013. In might 2017, she to be told cancer had metastasized and spread to her bones.



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However, the actress said reporters critical year in ~ G'Day USA in Beverly Hills, California, that she doesn't see it "as a battle."

"I'm winning over it well and also that's just how I check out it," she said. "I don't think about it a lot, to it is in honest. Denial is a really great thing and also I'm acquiring stronger and much better all the time! I'm law well!"

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In February, she told civilization that she had actually been "feeling great" — so much so the she and her husband man Easterling released their Olivia Newton-John structure Fund in bespeak to continue to support research right into plant medicine for cancer.

"I'm so happy to still it is in doing all these things," Newton-John told "I don't think i imagined life this long! i feel really blessed."

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