Cleveland Browns recipient Odell Beckham Jr. Says, ‘I have no trouble with anyone’s sexual orientation.’

Odell Beckham Jr. Is beginning his first season v the Browns.
Cleveland Browns broad receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Claims he was not offended by civilization speculating that he is gay, a rumor that acquired turbocharged in 2015 when assorted Carolina Panthers provided gay slurs against him in a game when he was v the brand-new York Giants.

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In a wide-ranging interview v GQ, writer note Anthony eco-friendly asked Beckham about the speculation around his sexuality.

GQ: There to be a period of time as soon as a most gossip web page — particularly black gossip website — would certainly constantly say that you to be closeted. They’d contact you “excited” in a hot-tub photograph with her teammates or simply just say you’re gay. How’d that make friend feel?

Beckham: i have never had actually an possibility to talk around this. Honestly no offended. I’ve never ever once had no trouble with anybody who has their own an individual life the they live. I have friends who space gay. It was almost more funny come me. I almost messed with them also more. That like when someone provides me one ultimatum, ns usually always going to go to the opposite means of what you want me come go. So once they would certainly say that, ns would virtually mess with them also more. I have actually no difficulty with anyone’s sex-related orientation.

GQ: i feel like write-ups like that only add to homophobia in the black color community. The idea that someone should be gay — or the being gay is in any method shameful — because they’re dancing or have blond hair seems so small-minded.

Beckham: Or due to the fact that they’re “close with various other men.” also like tiny videos whereby they watch me leaned earlier or something, they’ll say the I’m looking at a guy’s ass. And also I’m like, “Bro! you don’t even know wherein my psychic is at.” that was just a lose-lose. They’d check out me with a white woman and also be like, “Why don’t you be with any sisters?” I have actually no difficulty with any type of race. Love is love. If you’re attracted to somebody, you’re attracted to somebody. There to be such a stigma constructed up, ns don’t favor my own women. It’s like, no, i don’t prefer anybody that annoys me.

GQ: you’ve talked a lot around media gift unfair. Does it hurt worse as soon as black media sites space unfairly an essential of you?

Beckham: Yes, it renders it worse when it comes from the black community. I feel like every little thing is a double standard. Girlfriend want united state to support the black color community, and then you walk out and also bash black people for gift happy. So someone can’t be happy, someone can not be dancing. “Oh, he’s constantly around guys, he’s never about girls.” I simply don’t want you to watch what woman I’m with, and I don’t want you in my an individual life. Ns always shot to store my an individual life my an individual life. Ns feel choose I nothing owe the to anybody.

Beckham never specifies what his sex-related orientation is, though i assume that is saying he is not gay, especially due to the fact that he says earlier in the interview: “You never hear around the mrs I’m dating or anything like that. And also you won’t. Ns don’t require to offer you that.”

Beckham was suspended one video game in December 2015 after on-field altercations with then-Panthers cornerback josh Norman. After the game, members that the Giants organization and the media claimed Beckham was the target that homophobic slurs top top the field before the game. Ns asked Norman in ~ the 2016 at sight Bowl around the incident and he denied utilizing gay slurs versus Beckham.

The GQ interview was the very first time I have actually seen Beckham address the rumors around his sexuality. I think it would have actually been ideal for green to questioning Beckham to define his sexuality due to the fact that he to be willing to talk about the topic.

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Nonetheless, ns applaud Beckham’s “I don’t care” response. It is much much better than acting as if being gay is something that has to be strenuously refuse or described as “silly” and “crazy rumors” like another NFL star did. And also Beckham’s “love is love” line is pitch-perfect.