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~ above Saturday afternoon, the 118th Army-Navy game will be played, renewing the rivalry between the two business academies that began in the so late 1800s. These 2 programs are complete of tradition, and this game has number of of that is own, including the frequent attendance the United states presidents.

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This year, chairman Donald Trump won’t be attending.

Not every presidents to visit each year. However last year, once Trump to be still simply the President-elect, he to be on hand for the game, security one half on Navy’s next of the stadium and also the other on Army’s. (That’s another part of the tradition.)


It’s no clear that presidents who’ve yet to be inaugurated had taken part before, though.

When did this legacy begin?

The chairman to start this to be Theodore Roosevelt, all the means back in 1901. The 26th President take it a train come Philadelphia, follow to the Washington Post, and arrived right before kickoff.

“The President’s silk hat was on his head scarcely five seconds from the time he gotten in the grounds until he had taken his seat, so consistent was the ovation,” The Post reported.

Roosevelt additionally started the legacy of switching political parties at halftime.

Army first, climate Navy, through the secretary that defense doing the opposite. This was to ensure at the very least one leader was on each side throughout the game. This is Roosevelt cross the ar in 1901, courtesy the the Library of Congress.

Library of conference

Below is a detailed itinerary for this moment, and Roosevelt’s plans because that the whole game.

Via Washington Post

So what various other presidents have gone to the game?

Since Roosevelt, eight have actually attended. President-elect Trump could technically it is in the ninth, back he wasn’t inaugurated at the time.

Woodrow Wilson and also Calvin Coolidge attended in 1913 and also 1924, respectively.

Then come Harry Truman, that holds the POTUS document for seven attended Army-Navy games. What’s amazing is that Truman, a former Army significant and reserve colonel, didn’t switch sides every year. But due to the fact that he to visit the Army-Navy game each year while in office (1945-53), the could alternative which cheering ar he sat through from year come year.

picture via The Washington Post this is a list of presidents ~ Truman, according to Navy.

1961: man F. Kennedy – Navy, 13-7

1962: man F. Kennedy – Navy, 34-14

1974: Gerald Ford – Navy, 19-0

1996: bill Clinton – Army, 28-24

2001: George W. Bush – Army, 26-17

2004: George W. Shrub – Navy, 42-13

2008: George W. Bush – Navy, 34-0

U.S. Navy photograph by Mass communication Specialist second Class Tommy Gilligan/Released 2011: Barack Obama – Navy, 27-21

picture by rob Carr/Getty images Vice president Joe Biden, whose son served with the military in Iraq, has also attended numerous times.

America’s 34th president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, is the just one to have played the game, which he did in 1912 because that Army. The only other U.S. Presidents come graduate native either college were Ulysses S. Grant, who graduated indigenous West Point, and Jimmy Carter, who did so from the naval Academy.

The Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy is frequently at stake in this rivalry.

The Commander-in-Chief"s trophy was created by Air pressure General George B. Simler, and also it is provided to the three-way service academy rivalry’s winner (including waiting Force) each year. It was an initial awarded in 1972 by chairman Richard Nixon, and it has been personally awarded by the chairman on a number of occasions.

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Here’s president Obama:

picture by Alex Wong/Getty pictures last year, army broke Navy’s 14-year victory streak in the series, i m sorry dated back to 2002. Marine is attract sleek blue uniforms to respect the Blue Angels, and Army will be put on all-white people to honor the “Pando Commandos.” marine is a 3.5-point favorite heading into the matchup.


Every year, the alternating uniforms for army vs. Navy space awesome. However whose have been better?