Posted: Nov 10, 2021 / 05:21 to be EST / Updated: Nov 10, 2021 / 07:00 to be EST

ASTORIA, kings — A public elementary school in queens was forced to nearby its doors as result of a cultivation COVID outbreak, becoming the city’s second COVID closure since school started.

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Starting Wednesday, P.S. 166, The Henry Gradstein school in Astoria, will certainly be all remote because that the next 10 days, according to the department of Education’s COVID instance map.

Students there room expected come be ago in the class on Monday, Nov. 22.

P.S. 166, The Henry Gradstein School, in Astoria, Queens. (Google Maps

From Nov. 2 come Nov. 8, three staff members and 19 students at the college tested hopeful for COVID, data from the state’s school COVID report card website shows. No teachers have actually tested positive due to the fact that the school year started.

This is the second time this school year that COVID instances have shut down a brand-new York City public school.

An eastern Harlem college was required to temporary close earlier in mid September due to a COVID outbreak, less than a week after the academic year began.

The latest school closure comes together the city starts a 3rd day of offering vaccine shots to children ages 5 to 11 at pop-up sites in ~ city schools.

P.S. 166 to be slated to host one of those vaccine clinics Wednesday afternoon, but it will certainly be rescheduled for once the institution reopens, a DOE spokesperson told News.





CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn — Luz Lazada told News the irradiate of she life is she eight-month-old son, including that it breaks her heart to watch him "freezing" in her NYCHA apartment.

"I fight because that my children," Lazada said.

NYC to require COVID vaccines for private school workers

by connected Press, Aliza Chasan / Dec 2, 2021
NEW YORK — new York City market Bill de Blasio is extending his stimulate requiring COVID-19 vaccines to include teachers and also staff at personal and religious schools.

De Blasio said Thursday the employees at nonpublic schools will be forced to present they’ve received at least one sheep of a vaccine by Dec. 20. The order will apply to around 56,000 employees at 938 schools in brand-new York City.

Festive long Island home offers glimpse right into Santa’s office while helping charity

by Stacy-Ann Gooden / Dec 2, 2021
FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — Every year, Kathryn and Bobby Sputo revolve their residence into a winter wonderland. The final screen includes much more than 20,000 ornaments, nine Christmas trees and also even a peek right into Santa"s office.

Kathryn Sputo, a former occasion planner, made decision to open up the home to the public 5 years ago, enabling people to tourism all three floors the the 1920s Craftsman.

Full Coronavirus Tracking Map.

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Data from The center for solution Science and also Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.