Dallas,TX: Doug speak to Jonny Hawkins, nothing More

Interview: Doug Robinson, Fotos: Carmen Lenk

June 1st, Dallas Texas. The tough rock concert festival season begins as 97.1 KEGL presents BFD. The show is headlined by 5 Finger fatality Punch and also supported through bands like Theory of a Deadman, Hellyeah, Killswitch Engage, popular music Evil, and also Pretty Reckless. Top top this day, 60 Minuten had backstage, all-access and used it come speak to recently signed mountain Antonio band Nothing More. I would certainly say Johny Hawkins fronts the band however after see them live, they space all front men in one form or another. They every play drums during the show. Castle all add to the base solo. I’ll permit you search YouTube, yet trust me when I say it’s not like any other drum solo. They’ve all in reality branded themselves as display of dedication come the band. I’ve never really watched such a cohesive group. Their music sonically traction from bands like system of a Down and also Mars Volta. But, they likewise sing to matters of the heart choose Shinedown. Nothing much more is Jonny Hawkins (Lead Vocals, Aux Drums), Daniel Oliver (Bass, Backing vocals), mark Vollelunga (Guitar, Backing vocals), Paul OBrien (Drums).

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60M: several of you guys have actually known each various other for a long, lengthy time therefore tell us around the genesis of naught More.

Jonny Hawkins: So i met Daniel, the bass player in saturday grade and also that very same year ns met Mark, the guitar player. Therefore we’ve been cultivation up playing with each other for a an extremely long time. Yet I was in reality the drummer then. I never ever sang for years and years and years. Paul, our existing drummer joined the band just a small over 3 year ago. Yet the original three played because that years together. Us had various singers and also went through different evolutions until right after I got out of high school and also we started touring in this old RV the we restored to life. That wasn’t also running. And it wasn’t until about 4 or 5 years earlier that I started singing, when we found Paul.

60M: and he’s native Louisiana?

JH: Yeah, he’s from brand-new Orleans and also everyone rather is from san Antonio. He’s the one stunner Cajun in the band.

60M: as soon as you think around San Antonio friend think around this Latino community yet there’s a hardcore rock element who really appreciates your music, right?

JH: Yeah! Yeah! They do love absent there and heavier stuff. I almost wish it weren’t therefore close come Austin, also though I’m glad it is because I can drive there. But Austin is a vacuum cleaner that suck up a the majority of artists and also bands from mountain Antonio just because of that proximity.

60M: therefore you’re coming the end of high school and also you had decide even if it is to walk to university or not. Tell us around that decision.

JH: ns think this is why we’ve all gained along. We’ve constantly been, go 110% or nothing in ~ all. Our base player Dan, whose constantly been kind of hardcore person and actually a little bit older 보다 me went to Nashville to walk to institution for music in ~ the Belmont. Ns was play in a tape with note which would soon end up being Nothing More. Anyway, Dan got charred out. I think he was surrounding by world that were chasing the stereotypical dream. Not really gift passionate around music and also it being a real experience. It was a small bit prefer a politics game. Therefore he got burnt out top top that whole scene and also he moved to Colorado and also lived in a tent on the next of a hill for around 6 months. Climate he came ago to Texas through this renewed sense of vigor and also this excitement around music. And also when that came back we joined forces and he said „Guys we acquired to tour. Posesthe going come college. I’ve been there and also tried that. It’s one “illusion of security” because that what we desire to do. The paper doesn’t perform anything for you, so us just have to gain out there and start making it happen.“

60M: In the beginning you were yes, really a do-it-yourself band. Everyone was pass their own talent to the table. Then you authorize with Eleven 7 who has Motley Crue, Buck Cherry, etc. What’s that like?

JH: I typical it’s very exciting to shift to these new levels of operation as a band however there’s still… The DIY never really walk away. It transitions. We still, at least at this point, run our very own vehicle and fix that ourselves 9 times out of 10. We still document our own records. Us still perform a many stuff on our own. However there are a lot of of tiny logistical jobs that start getting turned over to other people. So it’s yes, really exciting due to the fact that the DIY that we deserve to be, is the ingredient that we really care around like building the show and the music. Yet it’s quiet DIY, simply shifted.

60M: call us around the straightforward or subdued surname of the band, nothing More.

 JH: for this reason I was in high school with Mark. And we to be sitting top top the stairs of his home talking around band names. Ns think like any type of band the starts jamming friend go with 20 dreadful band surname in the very first month and also we were no exemption to that. And also we kept trying come think of something meaningful and also we visited a lot of shows together. I remember ~ a rock concert, and also I don’t also remember which one, yet the surname „Nothing More“ popped into my head since we had actually really taken notification of the bands the were genuine and humble and appreciated every little thing they had. Then there to be the other rock stars the were the “gods of men” absent stars the separated us from the audience. And, to each your own…we’re not here to judge, yet we stated we want to be an ext like the people that room down to earth, speak to their fans, connect and aid people with our music. So it simply popped right into my head and also I said „Why don’t we simply be naught More?” and one job we can only dream to it is in on these stages us are currently playing. Now, it’s almost just prefer a reminder that we are normal individuals who to water a most our energy and also passion right into music.

60M: ns love it! currently I’m going to gain a tiny personal.

JH: UH OH!!!

60M: Yeah. You and also I have actually something in common. Also though I’m almost twice her age, I lost my mom to cancer ~ above December 25th, 1998. I would certainly love for you come talk about your mom, what she intended to you and what she intended to your career.

JH: Yeah! Umm, so plenty of things I can say around that. Ns think it’s really interesting looking earlier when ns was going v it the last year…

60M: Wait a minute! I’m i m really sorry to interrupt yet I need anyone who has ever before gone v anything choose this to walk immediately and listen come „God went North“. It touches my heart. I’m sorry. Go ahead.


JH: No! That’s awesome. Thank you. I’m really glad it does. It was a really hard song come finish but that’s why i did it. There have been songs the have obtained me though the time.

60M: perform you feel favor that song helped obtain you with the process of grieving.

JH: It aided me in a many of various ways yet I think the greatest way, what the did was… towards the finish of my mom’s life she went with a the majority of senseless agony because she was fighting to continue to be alive for she kids. The biggest, many painful aspect of the whole case was feeling choose it was purposeless pain.

60M: Wouldn’t girlfriend just finish it if girlfriend could? simply make the stop.

 JH: Yeah, yeah. That’s specifically how i felt going through it which is reflected in the lyrics. So for me, it provided purpose to every these other people. On my mom’s death bed, she was very sad. Due to the fact that she assumed she was going to walk on tour and also encourage every one of these other patients. She really believed she was going to gain through it and also beat it.

60M: I simply saw Thursday the you space doing Sacramento Aftershock festival again this year. Today you’re opening the KEGL BFD festival. This has to be an excellent for friend guys. I mean, someone who is a pan of one band can not be acquainted with you. Now you acquire to sell them your talent. Is this the means you check out it? an opportunity?

JH: Aftershock to be a really good festival for united state last year. It’s a an excellent line up. I think the coolest thing around being ~ above the road is seeing civilization who don’t understand who we room watch ours set. Just seeing people’s head turn is a really great feeling.

60M: – You as soon as said “We desire to it is in a church for human being who don’t believe the things that church believe”. Please explain that.

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JH: my dad always told me something cultivation up, “If friend don’t favor the way something is then readjust it. It’s really simple. He stated „Look around. Look at at every one of these world complaining around problems. Yet they don’t execute anything to fix it, since it’s so basic to complain.” What’s tough to perform is change things and make them better. I prospered up in the church and to me the love of the church is… Well, what that is supposed to be is simply a collection of world for a typical cause. It’s virtually like a support group. The word church, if you follow it back to that is roots method a conference a people. It’s no a building or also a religion. I saw a lot of things i didn’t like farming up in the church. There were a lot of an excellent things. Don’t gain me wrong. Yet to get those great things you nearly had come drink the Kool-Aid. You had actually to believe all of these fantastical stories. And as I obtained older ns was like, you understand what? That might or may not it is in true, however I’m ok with that. My whole life isn’t dependent on that story being true or not true. And I felt favor there were a lot of other human being that feeling that method as well. They didn’t go to church since they feeling uncomfortable roughly the others. Castle didn’t recognize where they were coming from. So, ns feel there room a many of good people the end there who need a assistance group.