No, no my opinion that the brand-new anchor the the “CBS night News” is much more of a channel-changer in Buffalo 보다 a game-changer 보다 CBS News president Susan Zirinsky believed she would be.

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Through the first month v O’Donnell anchoring, the national ratings likewise have gone under slightly native a year back under previous anchor and Town the Tonawanda native Jeff Glor.

I expected maybe 1,000 or 2,000 tourists to the piece. Instead, it received an ext than 20,000 web page views and also became the No. 4 short article in august on The Buffalo News website. And I obtained emails from people who live in Italy, Montana, Wisconsin, Maryland, Florida and also other states.

With a couple of exceptions, most of the emails and also reader replies supported my view that O’Donnell is one OK news reader, however nothing special and so robotic the she no exude empathy on story that require it.

I assumed Zirinsky did some emphasis groups prior to deciding the O’Donnell must replace Glor as the anchor the the call newscast. If so, she need to have gotten much different results indigenous my focus group – the people who created emails or comment to my shaft on the website.

I to be surprised at every the support considering i’ve learned over the year that people who disagree through my opinions are more likely to compose than those that agree.

In fairness, I"m not sure also Walter Cronkite could lug the "CBS evening News" back to its previous glory due to the fact that it is therefore deep in 3rd place now and also viewership the the network newscasts is very slow come change.

I’ve also listed it is a marathon and not a sprint and O’Donnell will obtain a second chance to impress viewers now that the continual TV season is coming this month.

In any kind of event, right here is an edited sampling of the comment to my O’Donnell obelisk from near and far. (Who knew I had a leader in Montana?)

I couldn"t agree with you more. Ns too discover her very robotic and also unfeeling. Also when the story she is covering demands a an ext emotional response. She shows up to be unsympathetic and also cold. The compare of she to Jeff Glor is as different as night and day. D.K. 

Can"t agree much more with what friend said… Ms. O"Donnell demands to job-related on she ego, watch she facial and also body language, try to be humble and also knowing that the camera is the best truthful mirror. She was never ever nice to she coworkers or the guests of the morning news. She has actually a long means to go boosting her attitude and professional skills. You might think ns am from Buffalo and also I am acquisition Jeff"s side. No ns am not, however, his charisma and smile is missed every solitary night. That deserves lot better. A.S., Italy

Fully agree. Completely useless, ratings will never go higher, no matter what. As with Katie (Couric) she will be pushed out in more than likely 1-2 years. V.R.

I think your assessment of Norah O"Donnell as an on-air news anchor is point out on! ns wish I had written it myself! Dr. B.C., California

Disagree through your predisposition remarks. Offer her a chance, please, prior to you bash she again. She simply started, and we all recognize there will be human being who don"t like change, but brand-new viewers will come . Maria.

I to be heartbroken as soon as Jeff Glor to be replaced. He was the ideal I"ve seen since Walter Cronkite. He reasonably shared the news and was no afraid or awkward of his emotions. Norah O"Donnell is robotic and I don"t want to get my news native a robot. I"ve switched to NBC back Lester Holt isn"t lot better. I cannot get ABC currently . Assumption: v there"s always FOX. S.W., Roanoke, Va.

Jeff Glor to be the best. That calmly reported the news without including his emotional input. I liked that. At time you deserve to feel Lester Holt"s attitude about a story. I don’t treatment how the feels around it. He shouldn’t be inflicting his opinion top top others. I’ve checked out David Muir it is in hyped in a broadcast over one issue and also I turned the channel. Just tell the news unbiased. B.J., Wisconsin

I can not agree more. We"ve to be watching Lester or David (Muir) because Jeff was taken off the air. As soon as Jeff took end the CBS evening NEWS, us watched the every night and went come NBC on the weekends. It"s a shame. Jeff Glor had actually heart and also passion. He to be warm, welcoming and also real. Norah seems to it is in made of stone and has actually a flat affect. Thank you for her article and your honesty. S.M., Bozeman, Mont.

I to be a Florida resides ... Nothing think alters on nightly news or a.m. Present by Zirinsky space going to be successful. Assumed Jeff Glor much superior come Norah ... Agree about Kate Snow. M.C.

Hey! simply wondering if anyone else was reasoning the very same as me. Obtained my prize by analysis your comments. Need to say ns can"t number where the attraction for her so called "hard-hitting" news distribution comes in. Ns haven"t watched it yet. I watch Lester Holt till she"s gone. M.B.

My family watched consistently when Scott Pelley was on CBS evening News. He to be a an excellent anchor and presented the news accurately and had a good sense the humor. Ns wished he had been named as a long-term anchor. Jeff Glor was OK and also Norah O"Donnell has not really stood out with anything special, yet I wish she well. Tennessee

I agree v you. Ns can"t readjust the channel fast sufficient after the regional news indicators off in ~ 6:30. Jeff Glor was an engaging and also compelling newscaster. O"Donnell is a soulless bot. B.H.

Yeah, CBS do a vast mistake here. I assumed Jeff Glor was fairly good. This experiment is doomed for fail which will save CBS in the cellar for one more year due to the fact that it will certainly be a minimum that 6 months prior to an anchor adjust is made. The O"Donnell newscast is not good. Wake up up CBS management! C.S.

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Nice thumbsucker advertisement for your hometown boy. Here"s the bottom line: Glor is a dimple-faced, pretty-boy news reader with no depth or passion, placing him in the very same camp together your festival pal Kate Snow. Snow may be no pretty-boy reader however she"s the the opposite gender"s equivalent. T.C.

I nothing live in Buffalo, however Jeff Glor was such a refreshing readjust from the usual anchor. I really miss him and also have exit CBS for David Muir. Norah O’Donnell? i don’t think so. N.F.

I think Norah O’Donnell is terrific, she is professional, excellent shipment of the news, girlfriend hear the news with a steady, stable, reliable projection. This woman is an excellent looking without gift pretentious, very, very, quite appearance. Ns look forward to the evening civilization news and also find Norah O’Donnell a positive enhancement to this night time slot. B.O’B. Connecticut



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