The "Fox News Sunday" anchor because 2003 surprised viewers as soon as he announced his departure from Fox News on Sunday morning.

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Chris Wallace during the 2016 presidential debate in between Hillary Clinton and Donald TrumpJoe Raedle/Getty Images

Chris Wallace, among Fox News Channel’s many high-profile journalists, is leave the channel because that CNN’s upcoming streaming service, CNN+.

Wallace, the anchor that Fox News Sunday since 2003, announced his leave on the routine this morning.

“After 18 years — this is my finalFox News Sunday,” Wallace said. “It is the last time — and also I say this with genuine sadness — us will fulfill like this.”

Calling his time in ~ Fox News “a an excellent ride,” Wallace stated he’s “decided to leave Fox.”

“I desire to shot something new, to go beyond politics to every the points I’m interested in,” that added. “I’m prepared for a brand-new adventure. And I expect you’ll inspect it out.”

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Less 보다 two hrs later, CNN announced the Wallace was headed come the WarnerMedia-owned news outlet together an anchor because that its upcoming subscription streaming service, CNN+, i m sorry is set to debut in the first quarter the 2022.

“I am dazzling to join CNN+. After decades in broadcast and also cable news, ns am excited to explore the human being of streaming,” Wallace claimed in a statement exit by CNN. “I look forward to the brand-new freedom and also flexibility streaming affords in interviewing major figures throughout the news landscape—and finding brand-new ways to tell stories. Together I embark ~ above this adventure, ns am honored and also delighted to sign up with Jeff Zucker and also his good team. Ns can’t wait to gain started.”

Wallace’s new show, available when CNN+ launches, will be a weekday program featuring interviews through “newsmakers throughout politics, business, sports and also culture,” says CNN.

In a statement, CNN an international president Jeff Zucker, said, “It is not frequently that a news company gets the opportunity to lug someone of chris Wallace’s caliber ~ above board. He is together fine a journalist as there is in our business. This speaks volumes about our commitment to journalism and also CNN+, and we space thrilled to have actually Chris on the soil floor of helping us build the next generation the CNN and also news.”

Earlier, top top Fox News Sunday, Wallace thanked his bosses in ~ Fox for keeping their word come “never interfere” v his interviews.

“Eighteen year ago, the bosses below at Fox promised me they would never ever interfere v a guest ns booked or a question I asked. And they maintained that promise,” Wallace said. “I have actually been totally free to report to the ideal of mine ability, to cover the stories I think space important, to host our country’s leaders to account.”

He looked ago on covering five presidential elections and interviewing every president since George H.W. Bush and also leaders favor France’s Emmanuel Macron and also Russia’s Vladimir Putin and also expressed exactly how much he’d took pleasure in being able to “spend Sunday mornings” through his audience.

“It might sound corny, yet I feeling we’ve constructed a neighborhood here,” Wallace said. “There’s a many you deserve to do top top Sundays. The reality you’ve preferred to spend this hour through us is something i cherish.”

A rotation of other Fox News anchors will hold Fox News Sunday until a permanent replacement is named.

Wallace is the many high-profile journalist to depart the network in years, certainly since Shepard blacksmith announced his surprise leave in 2019. Smith finished up going come CNBC, whereby he hosts The News with Shepard Smith.

The news the Wallace’s exit was a surprise and also comes ~ he critical inked a contract with the network in 2017, i beg your pardon at the moment was stated to run v the 2020 election.

In a statement, Fox News said, “We are incredibly proud of our journalism and also the stellar team that chris Wallace was a part of for 18 years. The tradition of Fox News Sunday will proceed with our star journalists, numerous of whom will rotate in the position until a permanent organize is named.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter last spring, timed to the 25th anniversary that Fox News Sunday, Wallace stated Sunday morning public affairs shows continue to have a role to play, also as consumers mostly get their news with social media.

“It’s still an important platform because that a new administration, or any kind of administration, and also the opposition, to obtain their clues out,” that said.

Known for his tough, news-making interviews, Wallace to be a staple of Fox’s choice coverage and also moderated a number of presidential debates, including the 3rd presidential debate in between Hillary Clinton and also Donald trump card in 2016 and also the an initial debate between Trump and Joe Biden in 2020.

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The child of the legendary CBS correspondent Mike Wallace, Chris followed in his father’s footsteps v stints at abc News and also NBC News, including a operation as the moderator the Meet the Press from 1987-88.