When the united States philosophies a presidential election, the state “red states” and “blue states” are frequently used by the media. What is a red state? What is a blue state?

If a state is a red state, the voters within the state generally vote because that the Republican Party. If a state is a blue state, its residents mostly vote for the democratic Party. The ax red state is also used to explain a state regarded to have actually conservative views, while a blue state is construed to have an ext liberal views.

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However, this hasn’t constantly been the case. During the 1980s, democrats were linked with the shade red, while republicans were stood for by the shade blue. It was throughout the 2000 presidential election as soon as journalist Tim Russert supplied the terms “red states” and “blue states” based on the fancy maps that were used during his televised coverage. Since that time, media outlets have used red because that Republican and also blue for Democrat together the standard color scheme for your maps.

The measurement of exactly how strongly a United claims congressional ar or state leans towards the autonomous or Republican Party compared to the country as a entirety is known as the cook Partisan Voting table of contents (PVI). For example, if the national typical is 51% Democratic, and also the autonomous candidate of a state wins 62% the a two-party share, that state poll 11 percent points more Democratic than the country, for D+11.

House balance offers a far better indication that a party’s electoral toughness in a state than an easy party identification. It gives a critical score that mirrors the strength of a party in an election. House balance takes into account the number of independents in a state. Because that example, California obtain 55 electoral votes and also has a home balance that 46D and also 7R (53 the end of 55).

According to Gallup tracking, there were 15 secure blue claims in 2017. Those claims are:

CaliforniaConnecticutDelawareHawaiiIllinoisMarylandMassachusettsMinnesotaNew JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkOregonRhode IslandVermontWashington

The same data display that four additional states lean towards being democratic states. Those are:

ColoradoMaineMichiganVirginiaIs Virginia a blue state?

Virginia is thought about a perennial waver state; however, the was thought about a blue state in the 2020 presidential election. Virginia has actually voted democratic in every election due to the fact that 2008. Virginia’s governor is a Democrat, that is Senate is Democratic, and also its house balance leans autonomous as well. The state is considered to be the most steady in the southern U.S. The CPVI is D+2.

Is Colorado a blue state?

Yes, Colorado is a blue state, although the was taken into consideration a perennial totter state. In the 2020 presidential election, it was thought about a safe blue state, through Joe Biden winning over 55% the the vote, beating Donald trump by a margin the 13.5%. Colorado has voted autonomous in every presidential election due to the fact that 2008. Colorado’s branch is autonomous as well. Colorado’s CPVI D+3.

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Is Pennsylvania a blue state?

Pennsylvania is considered a battleground, or swing, state. It is no a blue state or a red state. Pennsylvania’s CPVI is R+2. Its governor is Democratic, its Senate is both Republican and Democratic, and its residence balance is also evenly split between the two parties.