Nev Schulman is a TV moderator in America who ended up being famous through the documentary Catfish, produced in 2010. He likewise became the host and also executive producer the the expanded TV series Catfish: the TV display that was broadcast on MTV and MTV Suspect.

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Nev Schulman Bio

The Catfish hold was born on 26 September 1984 in brand-new York City. As a teenager, he founded a film and also photo production firm together v his brothers Ariel Schulman. The attended buy it Lawrence College, whereby he learned photography and also dance from 2004 come 2006, return he to be expelled from college in 2006 for physically assaulting a student.

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Schulman began working through the new York City Ballet community as a run photographer, which landing him work in top magazines and newspapers such as Vogue, The new York Times, Lucky, brand-new York Magazine, brand-new York Sun, and Dance Magazine. He co-founded the Young management Committee because that the youth organization Leave the end Violence.

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The catfish star is absolutely not gay, due to the fact that he is happily married to his top actress Laura Perlongo, who he called the woman of his dreams in an to exclude, interview through People’s Magazine. The duo was married top top July 22, 2017, in a timeless wedding experienced by near friends and also family in his father’s backyard in east Hampton, new York.

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The couple has only one child, one adorable small girl, Cleo James, who remained in the spotlight at their wedding ceremony. The cute girl was born top top October 21, 2016, and her birth was lovingly announced ~ above Instagram through beautiful images by her super proud father.

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Schulman’s household is that Jewish descent, but not much is said about his dad or mother, except the truth that in one of his interviews after the relax of the Catfish documentary, it was stated that she was concerned about his online romance and also needed to contact Megan’s mommy to check the reality of her existence, and she believed them ~ a conversation v Megan’s mother. His brothers is film housing Ariel Schulman, that directed Catfish and has affected the Catfish star’s success story therefore far. No other siblings were discussed in relation to the TV presenter.