The pair prioritizes their connection to collection an instance for their kids, 9-year-old pair Harper and also Gideon.

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Neil Patrick Harris met David Burtka in 2004 and also the two have remained in love ever before since. The couple may have obtained married only in 2014, yet it"s to be over a decade because their very first date. The How ns Met her Mother actor recently reflected on their 16 years v husband David Burtka top top the anniversary of their first date, reports us Weekly. In a current Instagram post, the 46-year old put up a photo of his "handsome" celebrity cook husband through a inscription that read: I went on a date with this handsome dude 16 years earlier and, well, I never ever left. Many thanks for the plenty of adventures,
dbelicious. Over there is no one I’d fairly be sequestered through than you.#happyanniversary#love#sweetsixteen

Burtka additionally posted a sweet photo of the couple for your anniversary. That confessed that: This hasn’t to be the many romantic anniversary, yet it has actually certainly been one of the many memorable. However the 44-year-old added: There is no one else I would certainly rather have actually for mine Quarantine! Happy Anniversary. According to TODAY, Harris brought Burtka to the 2007 Emmy Awards and also later confirmed that they to be dating; that told Ellen DeGeneres the their connection had started in 2004. The two adopted fraternal twins, Harper Grace and Gideon Scott in 2011. They to be born top top October 12 through surrogacy. The sweet household shares plenty of heartwarming images on social media and we can"t decide which of those space the many adorable!

Although this year"s celebrations space mellow due to the fact that of self-isolation, critical year the pair got to pay tribute come their countless years of love in a an ext grander way. The pair celebrated through a romantic dinner at a good dining restaurant referred to as the Manhatta in reduced Manhattan. The restaurant, top top the 60th story, has actually some magnificent views the the city, something that the Doogie Howser, M.D. actor spoke about during a short video he mutual on his Instagram account. Speaking around the dinner date in one Instagram story, Harris said, "It’s our 15th anniversary and I got surprised by this guy." offering his pan a peek right into the breathtaking see from his dinner table, he claimed "Look at our view! hope you’re not afraid the heights." Harris additionally posted a loving snapshot of himself and also Burtka in a hot pool. He mentioned that Burtka was a loving "selfless parent" while additionally being a thorough professional as an actor, chef and wearing countless other hats.

The pair makes certain to collection aside some time because that each other and also prioritize on date nights come let the children know the dads space doing well. "We shot to walk away or take it a day night every so often due to the fact that I think that’s yes, really important, not just for the couple, but for the youngsters to see," Burtka told us Weekly exclusively in October 2019. "The children see that their parents room safe and also their parents space on a great foot." "Of course, lock don’t want you to leave," he continued. ""Please stay. Don’t go away from us." but it’s necessary for them to check out that we are working on every other since it’s an additional job come cultivate." Harris revealed in April 2019 that the an essential to the couple’s lasting connection is that they "tend to communicate and also talk a lot." "I think as soon as you save things pent up and also you exist in, like, a façade, it seems to command to an ext problems, so us talk about stuff once we have difficulties with every other," Harris said.

Burtka is a Cordon-Bleu trained chef and also has even written a cookbook dubbed Is A Party: Deliciously Doable Recipes to make Every day a Celebration.

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The publication is a spinoff indigenous his 2016 Food Network special referred to as’s a Party through David Burtka. Burtka claimed in one interview that the publication is based upon his through Harris and also through the he wanted civilization to gain a glimpse into his, his home, and also his kids and family together a whole. Burtka said, "The book gives a glimpse right into our world and how us entertain. We display our silverlakestyle.comstyle with the pair by carving pumpkins because that fall, parading about the snow in the winter, and sharing my secrets for throwing an amazing and also unforgettable event." Talking around involving his kids as tasters because that the book, the said, "It was numerous fun, but the children would asking me, "tangerine chicken, again?"" he stated with a laugh. "And "how countless different ways deserve to we eat lemon sole, dad?""

Both dads make sure to incorporate their children in celebrating pride! critical year they take it the kids to celebrate a work of love in ~ the people Pride 2019 in NYC. Harris captioned one team shot taken throughout the parade: What a spectacular day. What a spectacular time. World Pride 2019 in NYC to be an particularly experience, seeing literally millions of people spreading love and positivity,” No conflict. No problems. Simply love. Therefore honored come share this with my husband