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After weeks of teases, Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter Natasha Bure made she debut on The Voice!

The 18-year-old high college graduate, that is taking a year off before college to emphasis on music, took the stage throughout Monday’s blind audition episode hoping to do it to the next round. Her parents, Candace and also former Russian hockey player Valeri Bure, were there by Natasha’s side together she undertook her journey.

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Though Candace is best known for playing D.J. Tanner ~ above Full House and now Fuller House, Natasha admitted her mother was a novice when it concerned the music industry, revealing that “she’s not musically gifted.”

Candace claimed that Natasha’s to sing aspirations are 100 percent her very own dreams. “We’ve been hands off. This has been her thing,” The see co-host said. “We’ve continued to be away, until appropriate now, for this reason this will be her achievement and nothing that we’ve done.”

Candace’s Full House co-stars Bob Saget and man Stamos (aka “Adam Levine”) common a special video message because that Natasha prior to her audition, wishing her the finest of luck and also telling her that they to be “rooting for her.” How’s that for a rise of confidence?

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Before Natasha took the stage, she emotions started to obtain the best of her and also her parental were best there giving her words of encouragement. “Are you nervous? allow the tears come out. Gain it out and then have a an excellent time the end there, OK? Don’t put any pressure top top yourself,” Candace claimed as her daughter let the tears flow. “You’ll execute great.”

When Natasha take it the Voice stage, she sang a beautiful, rejiggered version of the Elvis Presley classic, “Can’t assist Falling in Love,” which triggered a chair rotate by Adam Levine.Hooray!

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The audition wasn’t through all method perfect; Levine observed the Natasha began off sounding prefer a “self-assured girl singing really well,” but the second his chair turned, “you had a small bit of a worried breakdown.”

The Maroon 5 frontman argued that the one thing she perhaps must work top top is “getting your nerves together” due to the fact that “there’s other beautiful there." Natasha admitted that her “mind isn’t nervous,” yet sometimes she “body gets really nervous.”

“I’m really curious and also really excited to see what we’re going to accomplish,” Levine said. “I’m really happy you’re on mine team. Welcome!” us can’t wait either!

In August, Candace gushed over her daughter’s debut top top The Voice, composing on Instagram “#ProudMama.”

The Voice airs Tuesday in ~ 8 p.m. ET/PT top top NBC.

Candace Cameron Bure is One 'Proud Mama' ~ Daughter Natasha Confirms She'll be on 'The Voice'

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