Mountain Dew Kickstart is an amazing power drink with an excellent flavor and effects, but how do we recognize if it’s an excellent for united state or not?

In short, hill Dew Kickstart isn’t bad for you as lengthy as you consume it in moderation, although i still recommend having actually it only once you really need that boost.

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Of course, that’s not all to hill Dew Kickstart. For a thorough discussion into Mountain Dew Kickstart itself and also whether it’s bad for friend or not, check out on to discover out.

If you desire a more extensive look at hill Dew Kickstart, feel totally free to head over to my mountain Dew Kickstart testimonial article, which has actually my experience and failure of this drink.

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Mountain Dew Kickstart Nutrition FactsAlternatives to mountain Dew Kickstart

Mountain Dew Kickstart Nutrition Facts

The nutritional values of mountain Dew Kickstart.

Let’s start with a rapid look in ~ the nutritional value of game Fuel to get a sense of what you’re gaining out of one nutritionally:

Typical Value (Standard Serving)Mountain Dew Kickstart (16 fl.oz)Game Fuel (16 fl.oz)AMP power (16fl.oz)
Energy80 calories90 calories220 calories
Fat (Of i beg your pardon Saturated)0g(0g)0g(0g)0g(0g)
Carbohydrate (Of i beg your pardon sugars)21g(20g)24g(23g)58g(58g)
Vitamin A180μg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0.7mg
Vitamin B3 (niacin)6.4mg4mg
Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)1mg2mg
Vitamin B60.7mg0.3mg
Vitamin B121.2μg
Side-by-side comparison of the nutritional values in between different power drink brands.

How many Calories are In hill Dew Kickstart?

Each 16fl.oz have the right to of mountain Dew Kickstart has actually 80 calories, i beg your pardon is quite mean for an power drink.

Mountain Dew Kickstart has actually a moderate lot of calories because that its size, considering that various other brands like Red Bull and also Monster have actually much much more (110 calories and 190 calories).

Given that the recommended everyday calorie intake is about 2,000 come 2,500 calories (depending ~ above lifestyle and also other factors), a single can of mountain Dew Kickstart definitely won’t put a dent in your overall diet.

However, it’s quiet isn’t a great idea to have actually multiple can be ~ of mountain Dew Kickstart as the calories will eventually rack up over time.

Plus, mountain Dew Kickstart doesn’t really provide you the necessary nutrients that you need, so you should have proper meals instead of make the efforts to replace them v this drink.

If you want to save your power on your time law workouts to burn turn off the calories from mountain Dew Kickstart, I’d suggest having actually this drink on days friend really need that boost.

Looking for something through fewer calories? If friend are, check out my short article on the finest zero-calorie power drinks, where I’ve detailed some amazing recommendations.

Mountain Dew Kickstart Ingredients

Ingredients in mountain Dew Kickstart.

Every 16 fl.oz can of mountain Dew Kickstart contains:

Carbonated WaterHigh fructose corn syrupWhite grape juice concentrateCitric acidSodium polyphosphates (preservative)Natural flavorPotassium sorbate (preservative)Potassium citratePotassium chlorideGum ArabicAcesulfame potassium (artificial sweetener)Sucralose (artificial sweetener)Red 40 (coloring)Calcium disodium EDTASucrose acetate isobutyrateSaltBlue 1 (coloring)

How lot Caffeine Is In hill Dew Kickstart?

A 16 fl.oz deserve to of hill Dew Kickstart consists of 90mg that caffeine, which wake up to be perfect amount of caffeine in an power drink.

Given that power drinks the the very same liquid, the volume deserve to have as much as 300mg of caffeine, hill Dew Kickstart is pretty moderate through regard come its caffeine content.

Personally, mine caffeine preferences selection from between 50mg come 100mg per drink. because that me, the amount slides nicely right into the sweet spot and also leaves me feeling refreshed without the lingering side effects.

As such, hill Dew Kickstart is definitely a drink I would certainly look forward to.

Even though mountain Dew Kickstart has a middling amount of caffeine, you should still control your intake come avoid too much caffeine consumption.

Sure, caffeine overdoses space rare, yet having too lot caffeine is quiet detrimental to your health and can bring about a number of health problems in the future.

For reference, the FDA suggests an daily caffeine usage of 400mg for healthy grown-ups. Any more than that, and you might construct these potential disadvantage effects:

Restlessness and also shakinessDizzinessHeadachesDehydrationAnxiety

Based top top the everyday caffeine limit set by the FDA, it’s very unlikely you deserve to overdose on hill Dew Kickstart uneven you have an ext than 5 can be ~ in a day.

Though, i think I’ll be an ext concerned around the lot of street you would’ve consumed.

That said, it yes, really boils down to her caffeine metabolism at the end of the day, i beg your pardon will recognize the number of energy drinks you deserve to have before the an adverse effects absent in.

Therefore, make sure to recognize your personal limits and readjust accordingly.

How lot Sugar Is In hill Dew Kickstart?

Too much sugar can be harmful come your brain and body.

Each 16fl.oz deserve to of mountain Dew Kickstart has 20g that sugar.

In the paper definition of this beverage’s sugar content, it absolutely has less than many other energy drinks that the same size, but it have the right to still posture health dangers if over there is no proper control in intake involved.

In general, mountain Dew Kickstart has a moderate quantity of sugar for a 16fl.oz power drink, but consuming that lot in one serving isn’t exactly helpful to us.

For guidance, the AHA advises a maximum day-to-day sugar border of 25g and also 36g for women and also men respectively.

Aside indigenous that, mountain Dew Kickstart provides high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) rather of table sugar. This kind of sugar comes from corn syrup and also is typically used to enhance the seasonings of processed foods.

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While it’s additionally a sweetener, HFCS is actually thought to be more harmful than continual sugar and also can still cause health problems like metabolic syndrome and also insulin resistance.

In fact, a high street intake is generally poor for ours health, together it can lead to a variety of health-related concerns in the lengthy run:

Weight gainCardiovascular diseaseDiabetesHigh blood pressureAcne

For much more information around the impacts of sugar on our bodies, examine out this video: