MSNBC morning news personality Joe Scarborough has actually been absent from his show, Morning Joe, but that doesn’t mean the present is canceled. He is simply simply taking part time off, states his wife and also co-host Mika Brzezinski.

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“A indigenous on mine husband. Yes JOE is acquisition a week or two off - he may jump in-may not. The reason? i told him to.  as soon as he’s no by my side in the morning, i feel the void and realize his value everywhere again. Because that 13 years, Joe has actually been ANALYZING, ADVOCATING, PROGNOSTICATING..,” Brzezinski tweeted on July 15 in solution to fans that were wondering why Scarborough was missing from the show.


Scarborough, a previous GOP representative, has actually hosted the Morning Joe v Brzezinski because the display started in 2007. The 2 were married in 2018.

Brzezinski has nothing but praise for her husband and also co-anchor.

“Joe’s job is prefer juggling priceless china and fire sticks. The puts himself out there because he LOVES politics, that LOVES his country.  Joe has a rapid intellect and passion because that American history. It all renders him remarkably reliable at speak the ultimate truth to power!!” she tweeted top top July 15.

Although there is no indication the Scarborough is leaving the show, MSNBC Capitol Hill correspondent Kasie hunt is jumping ship because that CNN. Hunting is the host of Way Too early on with Kasie Hunt, which airs weekdays before Morning Joe. Hunt announced critical week that her critical day would be July 16.

“Some an individual news, together they say — thank you to all of the viewers, reporters, lawmakers and everyone rather who’s gained up extra early on to help make ⁦
WayTooEarly better. Ns loved doing this show. More soon! #WayTooEarly,” hunting tweeted top top July 16.

Hunt will reportedly join rival news network CNN, i m sorry is occurring a streaming organization called CNN+, reports Deadline.

Scarborough’s absence from Morning Joe and also Hunt’s departure come at the very same time Brzezinski is additionally getting she own new gig. According to an post in The Hollywood Reporter, MSNBC is occurring a morning news and commentary program called Morning Mika v Brzezinski as the host. The program will air on Peacock, the streaming service of MSNBC parent company NBCUniversal.

Morning Mika is slated to debut later this year. Through Brzezinski obtaining her own morning show, it’s unclear whether that means she will leave Morning Joe.

Brzezinski’s brand-new show is just one that several new shows MSNBC is emerging for the Peacock streaming service. Other shows include Fireside history with Michael Beschloss, a 5 p.m. News program dubbed MSNBC Perspectives, The Washington Post’s very first Look with Jonathan Capehart, and also a collection hosted by niccolò Wallace, organize of Deadline: White House.

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MSNBC celebrated its 25th anniversary on July 15. The news network acquired its begin in 1996 in a partnership between NBC and Microsoft.

“I’m therefore proud that this day — ~ above MSNBC’s 25th anniversary — us are broadening our footprint and also investing in even much more robust streaming programming top top Peacock,” said MSNBC president Rashida Jones in a statement. “As us look come the future, us will continue to it is in on the frontlines of every major news event and bring our viewers comprehensive reporting, perspective and also analysis throughout streaming, digital and beyond.”

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