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In a letter to his fans, Morgan Wallen states he won't be touring at all during summer 2021.

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Morgan Wallen has actually posted a letter thanking his fans for your support due to the fact that the release of his album Dangerous and additionally announcing his intention not to tour throughout summer 2021. Regardless of Wallen being gotten rid of from nation radio after he was captured using a gyeongju slur ~ above camera, Dangerous spent 10 weeks at Number One — a document for a country album.

In a handwritten note tweeted on Tuesday, Wallen acknowledged the assistance of his pan base with the troubled time that adhered to his incident, i beg your pardon took location in February. “I know my edge hasn’t been the most famous one to was standing in recently, however many of girlfriend did anyway,” that wrote. Previously, he’d apologized in a video clip posted come Instagram in February.

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MorganWallen) April 13, 2021

Wallen also provided that that would have been proud of the music on Dangerous regardless of its advertising performance due to the fact that he felt that he’d poured his energy into something that authentically represented him. “If girlfriend feel that way, you can live with the reaction, ns guess.” He was effusive with his gratitude but didn’t do a particular mention of the fan group that purchased Nashville-area billboards sustaining the singer this week.

Without directly mentioning the on-camera slur and also its aftermath, Wallen did touch on trying to do some an individual changes for the better. “I’ve bring away a couple months away & i feel prefer I’ve really operated on myself,” the wrote. “I’m proud the the job-related I’ve placed in & plenty of ways thankful to have had actually the time to execute it.”

The biggest news in the letter was Wallen’s announcement that he wouldn’t be touring or playing live this summer. His name had actually recently popped up together a headliner on the Kicker country Stampede collection for June 24th in Topeka, Kansas, which had actually been announced well before his 2021 troubles. He had additionally been scheduled to open dates on Luke Bryan’s Proud to be Right right here tour, which launches in late May. “I’ve found this time away to it is in very an useful to me in plenty of ways, but I feel prefer I require a little much more of it, and also therefore will not be performing tour dates this summer,” that wrote. “But it’s crucial to me personally, if friend can, still walk to these shows and also support nation music.”

Wallen signed off v a promise that he’d be ago on the road and also seeing his fans eventually. “Rest assured ns am looking front to providing you males what girlfriend deserve, particularly after every you’ve done for me. My story is far from over, & getting ago out to view y’all is all I have the right to think about. So just know you’ll be see me sooner 보다 later.”