Earlier this month, Last male Standing fans gained the sad news that after making it through cancellation and also getting a revival on FOX, Season 9 will certainly be its last. The long-running comedy might not be earlier until the beginning of following year, however Molly McCook has celebrated the show’s go back to filming throughout COVID. Together fans will certainly recall, manufacturing was shut down an episode shy the the finale.

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It meant leaving Last man Standing fans on the sheet of a cliffhanger together Kristin got in labor, and also the Baxters awaited the come of their newest member. Even Eve to be there! Molly McCook’s post does not expose if Kaitlyn Dever is earlier for Season 9. McCook’s glimpse at the set does reveal exactly how things room working during COVID, and also the result is nice interesting. Examine out McCook’s article below:

The couch the Molly McCook is sit on has been sanitized, and she look at satisfied. She likewise has her script, i beg your pardon holds secrets from Last male Standing’s final season. The series is plainly taking COVID protocols seriously behind-the-scenes. In former of the camera, Season 9 is set to incorporate the fallout of the coronavirus lockdown. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens next season.

Mandy and also Kyle both work at the end Man, i beg your pardon the final season can reveal has actually been dramatically affected by COVID. They are a crate store, and also foot traffic has probably been down there. Between the newest member of the family and also the fallout of the coronavirus, Last man Standing has a many on its plate for Season 9. The very first thing that needs to it is in tackled is last season’s finale turned following season’s premiere.

Molly McCook’s Mandy and her husband Kyle were amongst those awaiting the bear of the an initial Baxter granddaughter. They are actually awaiting a infant of their own. Before last season ended, Mandy and Kyle announced they were expecting their an initial child. Mandy and also Kyle’s baby is one of the storylines that ns imagine will be a huge component of Last man Standing’s last season.

Hopefully, Mike’s younger brother can show up again before the collection ends. Tim Allen has said the he desires Mike Rowe ago to guest star again ~ above Last male Standing. It has been a minute since he was on the show last, so fans of the Fox show will need to wait and see what happens.

Season 9 will mark Molly McCook’s third season as Mandy Baxter. She take it over because that Molly Ephraim once the previous ABC comedy do the leap to Fox. Watch McCook in action when Last guy Standing’s last season begins after this fall’s premieres in January 2020 on Fox. Before Season 9 arrives, you have the right to watch previous seasons on CMT many thanks to syndication or stream castle on Hulu.


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