10 years after Natasha Richardson"s tragic fatality in a ski accent, mommy Vanessa Redgrave and sister Joely Richardson reflect come silverlakestyle.com about coping v grief and also honoring her memory

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Nearly 10 years have actually passed due to the fact that actress Natasha Richardson passed away suddenly after a disastrous ski accident. And her household still feeling the heartbreak.

“Time does no heal; that would seem to me to say that all of sudden it’s okay, and it’s not,” Richardson’s mother, exhilaration legend Vanessa Redgrave, 81, tells silverlakestyle.com in this week’s issue. “It never becomes OK.”

Her younger daughter and also fellow actress Joely Richardson — v whom Redgrave stars in a brand-new movie adaptation the The Aspern Papers — also opens up about the loss.



“You are different. Friend aren’t stronger or weaker,” Joely, 54, says. “Just different—changed. What we have done well together a family members is that in honoring and also supporting one another, us reformed to end up being a strong, loving unit.”RELATED VIDEO: Vanessa Redgrave groups Up with Daughter Joely Richardson in brand-new Film The Aspern Papers

Natasha, who was 45 and had two children with she husband Liam Neeson, passed away of trauma to the head in in march 2009 ~ what initially seemed to it is in a minor fall on a starting person ski slope in Quebec. Redgrave claims that the loss provided her and also her family new appreciation for their lives and also the civilization in them.


“In my case, ns treasure my family much, much much more because friend realize the the difference being alive and also dead is the distinction of a small fingernail,” she says. “I think that provides you an ext aware and more caring.”

Working together in The Aspern Papers and also filming in Venice provided Redgrave — additionally mom to boy Carlo Gabriel with her companion Franco Nero — and also Joely an additional opportunity to spend time together. (They likewise costarred in the TV series Nip/Tuck.)

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“Try to find the delight in life due to the fact that we are so lucky to it is in here,” Joely says. “Every day, every birthday the goes by, I’m just so grateful.”

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