This summer, mark Wahlberg return to the big screen in explosive fashion with Mile 22. The action flick is directed by Peter Berg, with Wahlberg play an elite American knowledge officer who attempts to smuggle a cop v sensitive info out the the country. It likewise features a solid supporting cast, with John Malkovich, Lauren Cohan and Ronda Rousey.

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Mile 22 isn’t the very first time the Wahlberg and Berg have functioned together, nor even the second. The pair have developed a an excellent working relationship over the past decade, previously collaborating ~ above three other films.

Berg and Wahlberg an initial teamed increase on Lone Survivor, released in 2013, which told the true story the United states Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, through a focus on his time during the battle in Afghanistan. Berg command the film; Wahlberg starred together Luttrell. The went on to enjoy a successful restricted release and also received acclaim native critics.


Wahlberg spoke around Lone Survivor in one interview with Vulture, recalling just how he and also Berg crossed paths, and forged a bond.

“…Lone Survivor was there. I was in a place to help get that movie made. Once we started, i was like, ‘If i could just work through this guy, it would certainly be fantastic.’ and also I’ve operated with a lot of of people I’ve liked, who I have actually both experienced and personal relationships with. There’s simply something about him. He’s like a brother.”

It’s clear the the two hit it off on that an initial movie together. Lone Survivor was simply the start of what would end up being a beautiful friendship.

The pair reunited for two more films in 2016. Choose their an initial collaboration, these succeeding outings were additionally based on true events. Deepwater Horizon was based on the 2010 Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion, if Patriots Day was based upon the occasions and consequences of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Both films received optimistic reviews from movie critics for your authentic dramatization the the real-life events.


Berg wrote an post for Vanity Fair prior to the relax of Patriots Day. The spoke around his partnership with Wahlberg, commenting ~ above their shared love of nonfiction, and how it sustained their collaborations.

“We are both that the mindset that nonfiction normally beats fiction. We desire the contact with the men and women who went with it—those families, raw through emotion yet willing to open up to united state and permit us the respect of protecting those epic legacies. Their fact inspires us.”

With three effective nonfiction collaborations under your belt, this dream team has actually now ventured right into uncharted are for their 4th film. Unlike their previous collaborations, Mile 22 isn’t based on any kind of true story. Ironically, the film adhering to those comments from Berg will certainly be their very first fictional story. Offered their previous successes, yet it’s extremely likely that this pair will deliver one more memorable movie. Moreover, the film sounds enticing native its description alone.

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While Mile 22 might be the first fictional film produced by mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg, their background together proves the this duo deserve to accomplish an excellent things. And also it seems like this cooperation will proceed to flourish, as the pair are reportedly planning on reuniting because that a fifth film in the future.