In this day and also age, TV shows can come and go after simply one or two seasons. That"s why it"s outright superior that a present like History"s "American Pickers" has actually been ~ above air since 2010, and is going solid on that is 22nd season. After all, "Pickers" is no soap opera through an ever-evolving actors of characters. It"s a truth TV show that has regulated to cling on come the majority of its initial starts throughout its duration, with simply one major shakeup as soon as Mike Wolfe"s longtime picking companion Frank Fritz departed from the display in 2020.

With Fritz gone, the key players the "American Pickers" space Antique Archaeology boss Mike Wolfe, and the head that the company"s office, daniel Colby. Visually, the heavily tattooed Danielle and everyman Mike couldn"t it is in any more different, and also their differing project descriptions typical that their roles are fairly separate because that the majority of the series, as well. Nevertheless, the two have known each various other for a long time, and also the bond they re-publishing is lot deeper 보다 you can expect. Let"s take it a look in ~ Mike Wolfe and also Danielle Colby"s relationship.

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Danielle Colby/Instagram
As anyone who has actually watched "American Pickers" can easily tell, daniel Colby and Mike Wolfe room on fantastic terms. However, as Colby revealed in one interview through Freshly Inked (via Outsider), their an initial meeting was fairly a bit much less amiable 보다 what you check out in the show. According to her, she to be rummaging through a yard sale in Wolfe"s home town, as soon as the ever-vigilant picker turned up and bought a cool lamp from under she nose. When the understandably irate Colby confronted Wolfe about his actions, he simply stated: "Sorry girl, the moment to buy the is when you view it." 

It"s straightforward to imagine this moment transforming sour pretty quickly, however fortunately because that "American Pickers," Colby to be impressed by Wolfe"s unapologetic attitude. "I preferred his sass," she said. "We were pretty lot inseparable after that." To be fair come Wolfe, the did have actually something to be sassy about. Colby has actually told Yuppie Punk the Wolfe has been a picker because at the very least 1990. As the man himself said USA this particular day Life in 2012, he considers picking a method of life rather of simply a cool hobby. "Like because that me, it wasn"t a choice that I came to be a picker," he said. "It was simply something ns was born with ... I wanted to offer the article a voice, and also I want to offer the human a voice and that"s specifically what does and also that"s why the connects with people."

History Channel
Longtime viewers that the display may have gathered that Mike Wolfe and also Danielle Colby have known each other for a while. Exactly how much that this comes from lengthy association end the show"s lengthy tenure, and how much of their chemistry exist beforehand? 

Turns out, the pair goes much further back than the casual observer might assume. In a 2010 interview v Yuppie Punk, Colby revealed the they actually knew each various other a great decade prior to the present even started, and that Wolfe"s commitment to the present was crucial in her very own decision to step in front of the camera. For reference, Wolfe has told USA this day Life the he founded Antique Archaeology in 2001, so their friendship predates both the show and the firm itself.

"Mike has actually been a yes, really dear girlfriend of mine for almost ten years — and he has helped me on all of my jobs for around ten year — so i knew there is no a doubt, if he was a part of <"American Pickers">, not just would it be successful, but it would be kickass too," Colby speak of your relationship. "He"s simply a yes, really f****** cool guy. I didn"t really have any type of trepidation in ~ all. I simply figured if Mike"s on plank I"m top top board."

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When friend witness the familial chemistry between Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby on "American Pickers," it"s basic to start thinking that they"re far more than "just" friends and also colleagues. However, Colby was aware of this misconception pretty early on, and shot down the rumors of the duo"s romantic authorized in a 2010 interview with Yuppie Punk. 

"Well Mike"s taken," she laughed. "And no by me! There"s a the majority of misconceptions about that. Human being think the Mike and also I space dating, i beg your pardon isn"t true at all. I gain a lot of emails from civilization asking if me and Mike space married."

Over a te later, the inquiry is evidently tho on people"s lips, together The sun ran an article exploring the nature the the pair"s relationship in at an early stage 2021. The answer, it turns out, is still that Wolfe and Colby aren"t one item, nor have they ever before been. Colby has actually been married twice, and is currently in a relationship. Meanwhile, Wolfe has been with Jodi Faeth (pictured top top the left) due to the fact that 1994, and also they married in 2012. However, TMZ report in the summer that 2021 the Faeth has filed for a divorce.

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"American Pickers" has remained in the spotlight recently, many thanks to what"s maybe the biggest debate of the show"s history. The huge news, that course, is longtime star open minded Fritz"s exit from the display midway v 2020"s Season 21, and the report feud between him and also Mike Wolfe. In July 2021, Fritz fired some serious shots toward his longtime friend and partner in an interview with The Sun, stating the the two have drifted apart, and suspecting that Wolfe has actually been eyeing his brother, Robbie, as Fritz"s replacement. Meanwhile, Wolfe and also the network confirmed that Fritz isn"t walk to go back to the show (via to chat Weekly). "I will miss out on Frank, just like every one of you, and I pray because that the really best and all good things because that him ~ above the next component of his journey," Wolfe wrote.

As for danielle Colby, a post on her Instagram account showed her and also Wolfe smiling happily. The accompanying text more underlined that while she"s sad to check out Fritz go and also hopes that points will walk well for him, she stays 100 percent pro-Wolfe. "Out ~ above the roadway again v my finest friend and my big brother whose ns support totally and stand behind," she wrote. "Thank you because that the last te of advocacy towards myself and others ~ above set.
mikewolfeamericanpicker I"m proud of exactly how you have handled the last 12 years and also look front to many much more years the rolling around this big blue marble together. I"m important saddened for the loss of frank on the show. I"m exceptionally sad for his struggles. I have personally watched everything over the last decade. I have plenty of thoughts yet won"t speak them together they are just my thoughts, not gospel."

History Channel
Since frank Fritz left "American Pickers," Mike Wolfe and also Danielle Colby have been transporting the display on their shoulders through the help of a supporting cast of pickers. This has actually been a pretty effective endeavor, seeing as "Pickers" has been doing better than you can think there is no Fritz, come the point of in reality scoring more viewers 보다 the critical episodes of the Fritz era. 

Though the loss of Fritz and also Wolfe"s straightforward road expedition chemistry must have been potentially daunting for the show, over there was in reality some criterion about Wolfe and also Colby"s capacity to deliver without their co-host. In fact, the highest-rated episode of "American Pickers" — according to IMDb — is the Season 16 illustration "Sgt. Picker"s Lonely understanding Club." it featured Fritz on a "B-plot" solo venture, while Colby and Wolfe teamed increase to rummage through some cool areas in Missouri and Illinois.