Michael Peterson is the topic of one of Netflix’s many riveting and polarizing true crime documentaries,The Staircase.The documentary adheres to Michael Peterson native his wife’s death in December 2001 to his release in 2017. Michael’s wife was discovered lying in a swimming pool of blood in ~ the bottom that a staircase in the couple’s residence.

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Investigators quickly homed in ~ above Michael as a prime suspect as he was alone in the premises v Kathleen as soon as she pass away. The jury found the evidence adequate to convict Michael of first-degree murder and sent that to jail for life. 

Reprieve because that Michael came in the kind of prosecutorial impropriety, which required the referee to approve him a new trial in 2011. Prior to the brand-new trial commenced, Peter it is registered an Alford plea come the lesser fee of manslaughter and was set complimentary as he’d currently served time because that murder.

Peterson lives a usually life in Durham, north Carolina, far from the media glare


His guilty plea notwithstanding, Michael tho asserts the he did no kill catalen Peterson. Among the many puzzling revelations that his trial was the in 1985, Michael was the last human to check out Elizabeth Ratliff before she was discovered dead at the bottom that a staircase.

At the time, authorities concluded that Elizabeth dropped down the stairway after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage. In 2003, the north Carolina medical examiner reexamined Ratliff’s continues to be after they to be exhumed in Texas.

He concluded her death to be a homicide resulted in by blunt pressure trauma. The conclusion painted Michael together a murderer with a propensity for pushing his victims under staircases and no doubt contributed to his conviction.

Michael insists the he didn’t death either Elizabeth or Kathleen. In 2019, the toldDr. Philthat Elizabeth fell down the stairs after suffering a stroke.

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Since his release, Michael has actually avoided staying in homes with staircases, i m sorry is possibly a good idea. Defense lawyer David Rudolf speak toOxygenabout Michael’s current living situation:

“He is life in Durham – ns not sure why he is living in Durham, but he is. He is in a ground floor apartment through no stairway – that was really necessary accommodation.”

The Staircaseis set to go back to our displays as a HBO Max series. Colin Firth will play Michael Peterson, and also Sophie Turner will certainly play Margaret Ratliff, one of Michael’s embraced daughters. HBO is however to notice a release day forThe Staircase.