Ralph Carter rose to stardom together a kid actor. That is ideal known for his role as Michael Evans ~ above the series an excellent Times. Prior to television, he starred in numerous Broadway projects, which later on earned him number of awards and also nominations. Where is the now? What is known around Ralph Carter kids?


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Ralph Carter biography

Ralph Carter from great Times is from new York City, brand-new York, the USA. Over there is no information around his parents, siblings, education, and childhood years.

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How old is Ralph Carter now?

He to be born ~ above 30 might 1961. Together of 2021, that is 59 year old. Just how tall is Ralph Carter native GoodTimes?

Ralph Carter height

The gibbs is 5 feet 6 inches, or 168 centimetres tall.


The actor that played Michael Evans ~ above the series an excellent Times. Photo:
CitizenScreenSource: Twitter

He was among the most famous child gibbs in the mid-1970s. He began his career as an actor once he was simply 9 year old.

He do his Broadway musical debut in The Me Nobody to know in December 1970.

Then, he played the duty of boy Ghost in the comedy challenging to get Help. The complying with year, in October 1973, the made an appearance in the musical Dude, i m sorry earned him the Drama workdesk Award for many Promising Performer.


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Soon afterwards, he played the function of the boy in the music Via Galactica. Later on on, he was featured as Travis Younger in the music Raisin. Based upon the drama A Raisin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry.

His appearance in Raisin earn the actor a nomination for a Tony award for finest Supporting or Featured gibbs in a Musical and Theatre civilization Award.

Three year later, in 1974, he join the sitcom great Times (1974 - 1979). He played the function of Michael Evans, the youngest boy of Florida and James Evans Sr.

He additionally appeared in among the illustration of the collection Soul Train in 1975. Countless years later, he was featured in the illustration (Where space They Now?) the the TV display Steve Harvey, alongside the great Times actors (2016).


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Apart indigenous acting, the tried to develop a career together a singer. In 1975, he released his very first album titled once You’re Young and in Love. Ten years later, that released among his famed singles – acquire it Right.

After his comeback in 2000, he showed up in an episode of the collection E! True Hollywood Story titled an excellent Times. Then, he starred in the musical Ain’t supposed to dice a Natural death (Harlem school of the arts Theater, October 2004).

What is Ralph Carter network worth?

The actor through his “Good Times” costar Janet Jackson after she #SOTW present in Brooklyn. Photo:

As that today, the actor has a net worth of $1 million.

What is known about his romantic relationship? Is Ralph Carter gay?

Actor Ralph Carter relationship

He has actually been married twice. The surname of his very first wife is Lisa Parks. They gained acquainted in 1982 at a Christmas party. She to be his best friend’s sister.


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After a few years the dating, Ralph and Lisa bound the node in February 1987. They damaged up in 1992 after five years of marriage.

A couple of years later, he met flow York. The couple got engaged on 2 December 1994. Lock exchanged your wedding vow on 20 December 1994.

Ralph Carter is not gay.

Ralph Carter children

The gibbs has 5 children. 2 of them were born native his previous connection with his ex-spouse Lisa Parks:

A kid Michael. He to be born on 10 in march 1988.A kid James. The was offered birth on 8 September 1989.

Ralph and also his mam River welcomed three children together:

A child Phoenix (15 September 1995)A daughter Jessica (23 April 1997)A daughter Vivica (5 July 1999)

Where is Ralph Carter an excellent Times star now?

Where is Ralph Carter now?

After leaving television, Ralph carter got back to the theatre. That is now serving as a vice chairman of the Audience breakthrough Committee (AUDELCO).


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It is one organization dedicated to celebrating the donation of african Americans to the theatre world. If remembering of great Times, he pointed out that it would always be a part of his life. He additionally added:

I was fortunate to be in the explosion, not just of the african American theater in the 1970s but into that tide of consciousness and also beautiful tv productions the featured afri American artists. I’m very grateful for the people who teach me follow me the way.

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Ralph Carter at this time resides in new York with his wife and also children. He does no have any type of social media file which could give his fans a short look at his current life.

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