While some of Hollywood"s mismatched celebrity couples were too odd to last, there are plenty of other celebrity couples you entirely forgot about. For instance, in spite of their popular at the time, it"s likely that you"ve forget actress Nicollette Sheridan and also singer-songwriter Michael Bolton to be even engaged in the mid "00s.

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According to an announcement published by Reuters in 2008, Sheridan and also Bolton began dating in 1992 and also broke up five years later. However while the pair rekindled their romance in 2005, which led to their engagement in 2006, they damaged it turn off for good two year later. "Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton have amicably finished their engagement," Sheridan"s publicist Nicole Perna said in an official statement. "They evaluate your respect for your privacy in this matter."

In the year since, both Sheridan and Bolton have actually remained relatively quiet around why specifically they broke up, yet the "Said i Loved You...But i Lied" singer eventually revealed that there"s no love lost between them — it simply wasn"t meant to be. "It"s simply something the happens v you and somebody in her life," Bolton called Access Hollywood in 2013, adding that there"ll constantly be "certain civilization you"re constantly gonna love."

Bolton also provided that his nearly 18-year love affair through Sheridan was "powerful" and that, return the actress was undeniably "gorgeous and also funny," their partnership "ran the course" (per the Mirror). And, together it turns out, Bolton still believes he"ll find "the one" someday, together he"s just as romantic together his hit documents indicate.

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Ugly celebrity breakups aren"t uncommon. For Hollywood couples, it"s regularly the norm. But when actress Nicollette Sheridan and also singer-songwriter Michael Bolton parted ways, neither one ended up being angry or petty. In fact, year later, Bolton had nothing yet kind words for his ex-fiancé. "The worst thing around the finish of the connection was shedding your finest friend in the world and your closestly confidante. It"s a cliché, but I simply want Nicollette to be happy," he claimed in 2009 (per the Mirror).

But when Bolton noted that your "life experience together isn"t miscellaneous you deserve to replace with being single," since he"ll never "find that particular type of love again together it was unique," he"s "not ruling out" the opportunity of "romance and marriage" in the future.

"I am a deep, helpless romantic. I don"t think over there is any better feeling 보다 being in love," Bolton claimed (per the Mirror). "I believe in The Ultimate. Then I acquire disappointed. But am ns being ­unreasonable in what The ultimate is?" the added, "I have actually been set up on blind dates. Part were nice. I don"t think i had any type of miserable blind dates. You"re having actually dinner, you space basically proceeding your ­interviewing process. I am good at being single, however there is room for a partner."

While Bolton has actually only to be married when to ex-wife Maureen McGuire, v whom he shares 3 kids, us hope the 67-year-old star find his perfect companion someday.

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Prior to her connection with singer-songwriter Michael Bolton, Desperate Housewives actress Nicollette Sheridan to be married to gibbs Harry Hamlin. But in 2019, Hamlin"s present wife, truth star Lisa Rinna, asserted to her other The actual Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates that Sheridan sabotaged her marital relationship when she cheated ~ above Hamlin with Bolton. Follow to Rinna, Sheridan "went come a Michael Bolton concert at the Hollywood key — and also left through Michael Bolton!" (per People).

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Sheridan refuted Rinna"s "FAKE NEWS" claims on Twitter by adding that she and Hamlin "ended our marital relationship nose to nose in Canada," however her ex-husband countered her dispute right away.

"What"s it dubbed when your mam of one year all of sudden goes to bed through a popular music singer? ...two weeks ~ your mother dies??" Hamlin tweeted. "I go a lotta stuff through my wife "nose come nose" yet ending our marital relationship was not among them!" Sheridan included that the finish of their marital relationship "had nothing to execute with anyone various other than us" and also that it to be "sad" Hamlin "still can"t very own part."

But, while we"ll most likely never understand the finish truth behind this he said/she said matter, Rinna is grateful for whatever function Bolton might"ve played. "I thank Michael Bolton come this day. Room you kidding me? Let"s cheers to Michael Bolton!" Rinna added (per People). "Thank you, Michael Bolton, since I would certainly not have actually these beautiful children." There"s always a glowing side!