A Border Patrol agent walks toward one of the president’s border wall surface prototypes on the U.S. Next of the U.S.-Mexico border on Wednesday, as seen from Tijuana, Mexico. | Mario Tama/Getty Images


Fact check: Mexico will certainly 'indirectly' pay because that a border wall surface through the new trade deal

President Donald trump card on Thursday qualified his oft-repeated case that Mexico will certainly pay for a new border wall, now saying the expenses will be covered “indirectly” v his new North American profession deal.

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“When I claimed Mexico is paying because that the wall in former of thousands and thousands the people, obviously they are not walk to compose a check,” that told reporters top top Thursday before departing because that a trip to the southerly border.

“They room paying for the wall surface indirectly, many, countless times end by the really good trade transaction we simply made,” he continued.

But it’s quiet unclear how any kind of indirect economic impact stemming native the profession pact will provide funds for the wall.

The White House and U.S. Profession Representative’s Office didn’t immediately respond to concerns on just how Mexico could indirectly pay because that the $5.7 billion the president desires for the wall.

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What is clean is the brand-new U.S.-Mexico-Canada covenant Trump signed with other leaders on Nov. 30 contains no specific provision that requires Mexico to fund a wall. The deal calls for congressional approval before it can take effect.

Former mexican officials who negotiated the attend to the Trump management have repetitively said over there is naught in the deal to money a border wall.

“Trump claims the #border #wall will be payment for with the brand-new #NAFTA (USMCA). That"s a thing you will NOT find in the new Agreement, simply since it does not exist #MexicoWontPay#factcheckingplease,” Kenneth blacksmith Ramos, who served as Mexico’s chef NAFTA negotiator under former President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration, created on Twitter top top Tuesday.

"Mexico is paying for the wall surface indirectly"

A modernized NAFTA might potentially grow the economy and also increase as whole tax revenues, but those would be payment by the increased output that U.S. Companies and also workers and also not by the mexico government.

silverlakestyle.com has actually asked the White residence to provide estimates of the government revenue that will come indigenous the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, but officials have not responded.

The accumulation aren"t likely to be comes from tariff revenue. Many tariffs between the U.S. And also Mexico to be waived practically 25 years back through the original free-trade agreement. The new pact keeps most of those tariff reduce in place, which way not lot money will certainly be flowing into the Treasury.


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The new trade deal does encompass rules that make the harder because that auto carriers to develop vehicles or particular parts in Mexico and export them to the U.S. Duty free. An ext auto companies, both American and foreign, might select to salary the 2.5 percent tariff quite than adhering to a brand-new web of contents requirements.

The an outcome of much more vehicles gift charged tariffs could be an ext money in U.S. Coffers, but those expenses will likely be payment by importers in the U.S. And possibly U.S. Consumers if dealers choose to happen on the added cost come the buyer.

White residence strategic communications director Mercedes Schlapp recognized on CNN ~ above Wednesday that U.S. Taxpayers would ultimately fund the wall.

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Meanwhile, mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador decreased to tackle the question of Mexico’s indirect wall surface funding as soon as asked Wednesday in ~ his everyday press conference: “It’s a point of check out that, in reality, us leave approximately the knowledge of citizens. Allow citizens it is in the people to analyze these things,” he said.